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Cube 2019 – Our Top Picks

We visited Cube Bikes massive factory and impressive showroom in Germany last week to view their 2019 line up.

Cube has already launched two new platforms this year – the Stereo 140 trail bike and the Stereo 150 29 – both carbon, both modern trail geometry and both adorned with a ‘best-in-class’ specification for their respective price points.

We have been a Cube dealer for the past 7 years and have seen the brand become one of our number one brands, particularly due to their early adoption and development of E-Mountain and E-Touring.

It was another packed show and vast range – here’s our run down of the show highlights, in no particular order. All bikes in store and online soon…

1. Stereo 160 Action team £5,499 – stunning eMTB in Cube Action Team colours, top line spec and when you do the maths it’s good value considering what you’re getting. Plush, fast and everything a great eMTB should be – Awarded ‘Enduro Bike of the Year by the German eMTB Magazine

2. Stereo Hybrid 160 Race £3,599 – couple of specs down from the range topping Action Team but mega spec and the prefect bike for starting out on Lake District eMTB’ing.

3. Stereo Hybrid 140 Race £3,599 – enough plush travel for most, agreed industry standard 27.5 x 2.8 tyres, a great colourway and price point.

4. Cube Access Hybrid Race £2,400 – Powertube! Yes, Bosch Powertube integrated battery at only £2,400! Great colourways, cheapest Powertube bike we’ve come across and yes, there is a mens version.

5. Cube Reaction Hybrid Eagle £2,600 – yep, they gone and done it – super low gears of SRAM Eagle on an eMTB platform at an affordable price. We think this will be a winner for the rider looking for a do anything eBike.

6. Litening C:62 Race Disc Teamline £3,699 – top line spec, Teamline colourway and disc brakes – a race performance package at a good price point.

7. Stereo 120 29 TM £2,499 – TM = ‘Trail Motion’ and is a 130/120 bike with a slack head angle for fast trail riding and an ideal bike for rapid laps of your local trail centre.

8. Stereo 150 29 TM £3,999 – ‘if you could have one mountain bike’ this would be it. The best of the best spec.

9. Stereo 140 TM £3,499 – the perfect Lake District ‘analogue’ bike!

10. Cube Reaction C:62 Youth Teamline £1,399 – kids are the future of our sport and why not develop a top end XC race bike that is designed to fit them. Cube supports the future of mountain biking with an Action Team Stereo and this Reaction Carbon all sized and aimed squarely at youth riders.

11. Touring Hybrid 500 £2,199 – we wanted more colour in Cube Touring eBikes and this with lovely cream and bronze we’ve got it. Classy.

12. Reaction TM £999 – we’d been pestering Cube to produce a Trail Hardtail for a while and last year they launched the Reaction TM, and this year they have extended the range to 3 models Reaction TM £999 with 3.0 tyres and a 1x drive train, the Reaction TM SL £1,299 and the range topping Reaction TM Race £1,599

13. Kathmandu Hybrid EXC 500 £2,799 – as the eBike market becomes more established in the UK our riders are understanding the different Bosch drive units. The Kathmandu is designed for eTouring and comes with a power Bosch Performance CX motor and a 500W battery

14. NuRoad Race FE £1,499 – a do anything work horse with a Shimano 105 groupset, spec and frame that will make winter commuting on foul nights much more bearable.

Take a look at our full range of Cube E Bikes here.