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Fabric Lights

Light up your ride with a innovative bike light from Fabric.

UK brand Fabric are known for embracing new technology and developing original products with a focus on enhancing performance and optimising comfort. Their new range of bike lights are simple, compact and extremely well designed.

Highlights of the new range include;

Fabric Lumaray GPS Mount Light – £27.99

Stay safe and super visible on the streets with the easily-integrated Lumaray light. Powered by Chip-On-Board (COB) technology, the extremely bright, wrap-around LEDs provide 270° visibility, lighting up your more dangerous blind spots. The slim design fits seamlessly between your Garmin and its mount, cutting out the clutter and keeping your ride as streamlined as possible.

Fabric USB 300 Light – £49.99

Eliminate the need for frustrating button pressing with the precision-dial Lumabeam. Switch quickly and easily between light modes, even when wearing gloves, with the simple dial function. Get home safely with a handy dual colour, low powered strip that can be used as an emergency front or rear light. A tool-free multi-position mount is simple to attach anywhere on the bike or helmet, keeping you visible in low light conditions.

Fabric USB Rear Light – £29.99

Stay safe at any speed with this innovative back light that gets brighter when you hit the brakes. The lumasense uses an accelerometer to boosts brightness as your speed slows, alerting the traffic behind you. Powered by Chip-On-Board (COB) technology, its 30 lumen beam is housed in a compact, tough nylon case.

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