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Cannondale SuperX Force eTap

This week we’re looking at a very special Cyclocross / Gravel bike with wireless transmission which we’ve spec’d with a Vittoria Elusion carbon wheelset. But before we get into the details, let’s cut to the headline; both of these products are currently on offer with significant discounts applied…

Cannondale SuperX Force eTap 2020 was £5,499.99 NOW £3,999.00

Vittoria Elusion Carbon Wheelset was £999.00 NOW £599.00

We currently have good stock of both the SuperX gravel bike and Vittoria Elusion wheelset so if you’re looking for a versatile bike that can be raced at your local cross race or used for all-day off-road epics, or simply want to pimp your current bike with a lightweight, affordable carbon wheelset then follow the links now!

Right, back to the blog…..

Cannondale SuperX Force eTap 2020

The Cannondale SuperX Force eTap 2020 bike sits atop Cannondale’s Cyclocross range of bikes, but to pigeonhole this bike as a cyclocross-only bike would be doing it a very big disservice. The design of this lightweight, highly-versatile carbon fibre cyclocross bike has been continuously tweaked and refined over the years before arriving at this current iteration. Cannondale’s latest version features generous amounts of tyre clearance in the front and rear of the bike allowing the SuperX to accommodate gravel tyres up to 42mm wide; this combined with a forgiving amount of compliance engineered into the carbon frame and seatpost as well as a wireless groupset that features a broad range of gear ratios and includes a double chainset upfront means this bike is calling out for gravel adventures long after the cyclocross season has passed.

Cannondale have spec’d a Sram Force eTap AXS groupset with double cahinset…

Cannondale SuperX Force eTap 2020

Here at Wheelbase we equip our own racing team with the Cannondale SuperX cyclocross bike, (albeit the alternatively spec’d single-ring SuperX GRX model) and have seen it piloted to numerous Regional and National level cyclocross race wins over the past few seasons including, most significantly Lewis Craven’s win last season in the Vets National Championships race. Our team riders love how the SuperX rides, giving a snappy & responsive feel in the heat of a mid-race battle when accelerating out of corners or fighting for a sprint to the finish line. As well as being stiff and responsive when you need it to be, the SuperX is comfortable too with cleverly profiled chainstays and seatstays taking the sting out of rough terrain. Up front a super-wide headtube and fork-steerer combination keeps your steering precise on the tight turns typically found in cyclocross racing; with a 71.5 degree head tube angle and a 55mm OutFront offset fork the SuperX strikes the perfect balance between providing sharp and responsive steering for cross racing while being relaxed enough to feel stable and predictable on long gravel descents when you’re out exploring further afield.

Wheelbase’s own National Veteran Cyclocross Champion – Lewis Craven in action below…

Cannondale SuperX GRX

The Cannondale SuperX is recognised around the world as a legit gravel bike option thanks to all of the clever frame features we’ve already highlighted. Ted King the former professional road racer, who is now based in the States and races for Cannondale within the burgeoning gravel racing scene can attest to the versatility of the SuperX. With a full quiver of bike options including the Cannondale Topstone Carbon and Topstone Lefty Ted will often choose the Cannondale SuperX option if he is looking for a rapid, responsive, fast-climbing bike for the most demanding races out there including the infamous Dirty Kanza and Land Run 100.

Ted King talks about his SuperX…

Ted King talks about Cannondale SuperX

Kaitie Keough also rides for Cannondale within the US Cyclocross scene and takes regular trips to Europe to race in the cyclocross heartland of Belgium at the very pinnacle of international racing. With numerous wins and podium places in cyclocross Kaitie has also begun to race her SuperX in gravel races including the Dirty Kanza. With very little change to her setup Kaitie will race the same SuperX bike all year round, here’s a GCN review of her SuperX bike in cyclocross race mode…

Kaitie Keough’s Cannondale SuperX…

Cannondale SuperX

So, amazingly-versatile carbon frameset aside, the Cannondale SuperX Force eTap’s headliner is of course SRAM’s wireless electronic groupset. When SRAM launched the Force eTap AXS groupset, (which sits one rung below their ‘Red’ eTap AXS groupset), there was a lot of excitement around this technology being made more affordable and accessible. Most of the top bike brands have subsequently spec’d this groupset on some of their flagship bikes since its release and for good reason. The simplicity of wireless gear shifting can’t be denied; easy to setup and maintain, users can expect precise, flawless digital gear shifting in the most demanding, muddy, gritty, grimy conditions making this a great choice for a high-end cyclocross or gravel bike. This 12-speed groupset features SRAM’s unique approach to gear ratios, created in an effort to decrease the size and weight of the drivetrain while making the jump between each gear ratio smaller for an overall more user-friendly riding experience. For the SuperX Cannondale have spec’d a 46T/33T chainset combined with a 10-33T cassette to ensure that you’ll always be able to select the appropriate gear for every riding scenario.

SRAM’s Force eTap AXS wireless electronic groupset…

Cannondale SuperX Force eTap

The Cannondale SuperX Force eTap features some great finishing kit including their own HollowGram SAVE Carbon handle bars and HollowGram SAVE alloy stem combination giving a lightweight, aerodynamic and very clean-looking setup. A compliant, gently flexing SAVE Carbon seatpost adds comfort, particularly over long hours in the saddle while a well-proven Fabric Scoop Shallow Race saddle with lightweight titanium rails is fitted as standard.

Cannondale SAVE HollowGram handle bar & stem combo…

Cannondale SuperX Force eTap AXS

The Cannondale SuperX Force eTap 2020 bike comes with a pair of light, tough and fast-rolling carbon wheels. The HollowGram 22 Carbon wheels feature a 22mm deep rim profile with a wide 25mm inner rim which can easily accommodate wider cyclocross and gravel tyres up to 42mm wide. The carbon rims are also tubeless-ready making them perfect for a reliable, no-nonsense gravel bike setup. Cannondale have spec’d Vittoria Terreno Dry TNT 700x38c tubeless-ready tyres which are definitely more focused on gravel racing than cross and as the name suggests they are also ready for a tubeless setup.

PLEASE NOTE – the wheels in our pictures are not the standard HollowGram 22 wheels included with the SuperX Force eTap, for an accurate spec please see product link here. Which brings us neatly on to our second feature product this week. On special offer right now, the Vittoria Elusion Carbon wheels…

Vittoria Elusion Wheelset

The Vittoria Elusion Carbon wheelset is a versatile option that makes an ideal upgrade for your road cyclocross or gravel bike. The lightweight 42mm-deep carbon rim is stiff and responsive helping you to accelerate quickly and hold your speed more efficiently; this tubeless-ready setup means you can spec your wheels with tubeless tyres to help you enhance bike handling, provide extra-grip at lower tyre pressures, reduce the risk of punctures and decrease rolling resistance.

Vittoria Elusion Carbon wheelset…

Vittoria Elusion Wheelset

The Vittoria Elusion Carbon wheelset is tough too, featuring strong straight-pull steel spokes complimented with brass nipples. Vittoria have spec’d 16 spokes in the front and 21 spokes in the rear; their hubs feature smooth cartridge bearings that are quick and easy to replace should you need to; the cassette body is Shimano / Sram 10, 11 and 12 speed compatible.

Shimano / Sram 10 / 11/ 12 speed compatible rear hub…

Vittoria Elusion Wheelset


Cannondale SuperX Force eTap 2020 was £5,499.99 NOW £3,999.00

Vittoria Elusion Carbon Wheelset was £999.00 NOW £599.00


Blog written by Johnny Dodgin

All photos by James Vincent