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Hamsterley Soil Searching Dig Day

On Saturday we were at Hamsterley Forest with Specialized and the crew from Hamsterley Trailblazers for a ‘Dig Day’. Joined by over 40 ready-to-pitch-in volunteers, we spent the day repairing and building on the trails we love to ride.

The idea behind the Soil Searching programme from Specialized is that we’re all responsible for the trails we ride and we should all pitch-in some time to help out with some maintenance. Along with the team from Hamsterley Trailblazers and our team of eager volunteers we tooled up and got to digging. We provided a hearty lunch to fuel the team in the winter conditions and everyone was in great spirits throughout.

The Dig Day ran alongside our very first and hugely successful Wheelbase Specialized Big Demo, where riders had the chance to try out some of the world’s best electric and full-suspension mountain bikes on the trails of Hamsterley Forest.

All photos below from Jerry Tatton. Full gallery can be viewed here.