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Reserve 34/37 carbon wheels – up to 42% Off RRP. Now available with DT Swiss 350, 240 hub options

Engineered to take you Further, Faster and For Longer.

Reserve are renown for their expertise in designing the best composite rims and constructing the most optimum Mountain Bike wheelsets on the market. In recent years Reserve have built upon their own knowledge of manufacturing a superbly compliant and durable wheel and collaborated with Cervélo when looking to develop, test and manufacture the most optimum Road Bike wheelset.

This partnership which utilises Cervélo’s understanding of how to develop an aerodynamic advantage and Reserve’s ability to construct compliance, strength and stiffness into a wheel has resulted in the ultimate road riding wheelset range!

The Unfair Advantage… Turbulant Aero Technology

The partnership between Cervélo and Reserve saw the introduction of ‘Turbulent Aero Technology’. A technology that accurately replicates the kind of wind conditions you experience day in and day out on your typical rides, but in a wind tunnel. For two years, the Reserve engineers travelled the US, mapping different types of wind conditions, and using the data to replicate real world conditions from shifting winds, changes in wind direction to alternating velocities to develop the fastest and most stable road wheelset available.

Developed and Tested on the World Stage

Perhaps the biggest step in the development of Reserve Road wheels has been as a result of their partnership with undoubtedly the best race team in the Pro Tour peloton. With athletes such as Jonas Vingegaard and Wout van Aert providing essential developmental feedback on Turbulent Aero Technology at the highest levels of competition, allowing the engineers to fine tune carbon construction and rim profiles for the perfect balance of comfort, efficiency and aerodynamics.

Reserve Make Rims and Build Wheels.

Reserve believe building the wheel is just as important as manufacturing the rim, and each wheel goes through a thorough human and machine-aided inspection before it gets put in the box. This process and inspection is the first and most important step in offering a lifetime warranty.

Reserve 34|37 Wheelset – The wheelset for everything you do on your road bike, the only decision is which hub…

The Reserve 34/37 is the wheelset for everything you ride on your road bike, designed to find that perfect balance between weight, stability and aerodynamics. It benefits from a wider, shallower front mixed with a narrower, taller rear wheel.

Developed in the wind tunnel and proven on the tarmac with professional race teams, the 34|37 provides quick acceleration and predictable handling. And with all the lateral stiffness and lightweight that comes with a Reserve the 34|37 offers outstanding performance when climbing.

There are no weight limits, no tire limitations, and can be set up tubeless or with tubes. The mixed profile front and rear setup of the 34|37 provides for maximum stability, lowest weight and optimized aerodynamics.

The only differentiator is the hub specification of which reserve offer three, the DT Swiss 350, DT Swiss 240 and DT Swiss 180 option. All of which are in stock, here at Wheelbase in HG and XD freehub options.


Reserve Wheelset Hub Options


DT Swiss 350 Hub Option

  • Reliable performance at a wheelset weight of 1392g. Offering incredible durability at extraordinary value, the DT Swiss 350 hub option is easy to service and a benchmark in reliablity. The DT star ratchet system is time tested and trusted by cyclists all over the globe.

DT Swiss 240 Hub Option
  • Lightweight performance at a wheelset weight of 1320g
  • The latest DT Swiss 240 hub option now features the Ratchet EXP® freehub system, which increases the bearing lifetime thanks to the increased bearing distance.

DT Swiss 180 Hub Option
  • The ultimate in lightweight performance at a wheelset weight of 1300g.
  • Lighter, stiffer, more precise and easier to maintain – the strengths of the DT Swiss 180 hub option is further enhanced with the new DT Swiss Ratchet EXP® technology. The ultra-reliable freehub system transfers the highest pedalling loads resulting in direct power transmission.
  • Smooth-running SINC Ceramic bearings bring a decisive advantage with their extremely low rolling resistance. DT Swiss 180 hub option is the ultimate in lightweight, stiffness and durability.


Lifetime Warranty

Reserve stands behind the wheels they make, if you break a wheel, they’ll send you a new one to keep you going. Even if you reverse over it with your car, they’ll arrange a low-cost crash replacement ASAP. This Reserve rider support is in effect for the lifetime of the wheel for the original owner, offering huge peace of mind.

Everyone at Reserve is a rider and they know that missing a ride is a huge disappointment, and missing a race can mean throwing away months of hard work, so they’ll do everything they can to ensure that never happens as a result of one of their wheels.