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Spatzwear 2019/20

It’s raining. You’re training.

Spatzwear has revolutionised extreme weather cycling gear once again.

After another year of testing, trialling and research, the all-new revolutionary range of overshoes and cycling base layers are here. Spatzwear are the brainchild of professional cyclist and NFTO team manager Tom Barras. Tom needed a solution to cold, wet feet whilst cycling. Spatz have evolved through countless cold wet miles in The Yorkshire Dales. They are designed from necessity.

Spatz 2019/20 Footwear

Spatz Pro 2 Overshoe

The range-topping overshoe. If you want the warmest, toughest, best fitting, best looking overshoe on the planet, choose the Pro 2. Designed from scratch in 2019, every panel uses ground breaking new fabrics and a brand new cut for a super sleek silhouette.

Using a new ‘Aero-Armour’ Neoprene throughout to guard against cuts and abrasion, Spatzwear have created a whole new weapon in the fight against the cold. The Pro 2 is 100% lined with ultra warm, ultra wicking Thermo fabric to trap air, transport moisture and keep you warm whether you are riding road, gravel, MTB or cross. The entire ankle area, toe box and velcro fastener is protected by Kevlar-topped neoprene to offer more protection from abrasion than ever before.

Spatz Roadman 2 Overshoe

Re-engineered with extended Kevlar toe area and targeted Aero-Armour super tough neoprene around the foot to guard against rips and tears, the Roadman 2 is an evolution of the original.

Warmer. Visibly reflective. Tougher. But just as sleek and aero as before. Made for the commute. Made for rain. Made for the road, the gravel, the epic adventures.

Spatz Legalz 2 Overshoe

The SPATZ ‘Legalz 2’ are the re-engineered version of the now legendary Legalz. Tighter around the ankle for a closer, sleeker fit and a Kevlar reinforced toe area for protection from nicks and tears.

Waterproof neoprene throughout with targeted panel thickness for warmth, aerodynamics, fit and comfort. Intelligent water-dispersing lining. Hydrophobic outer layer. Heat welded and taped seams. Vertical liquid seal gripper seals top and bottom. Wrinkle-free ‘pro’ cut.

Spatz Windsock Shoe Covers

Waterproof, sleek fitting, taped and bonded main panels with a super aerodynamic lycra leg section. The all-new Windsock is made specifically for (and developed by) the current Olympic Champion.

Strategically positioned seams right where you need them. Designed to make the most of the wind and ensure race-long comfort.

Spatz Toez Toe Warmers

Sometimes when you race, train or simply ride, you need a little extra protection from the cold and wet, but you don’t need a full overshoe. These times call for Spatz Toez.

Longer cut than the competition and produced at the direct request of the current Olympic Champion, Toez are a piece of kit that you will come to rely on. Engineered from ultra-premium grade Silicone, Toez sit very closely to your shoe creating an impermeable barrier between your toes and the driving rain. The edges and cleat area are designed to hug the contours of your shoe to seal any holes and gaps, creating perhaps your most versatile weapon against the wet.

Toez are designed with targeted material thickness to offer a snug, aero fit with toughness right where you need it.

Spatz Basez 2 Baselayer

The Spatzwear ‘BASEZ 2 WHITE’ redefines the cycling base layer. A new product for 2019/20. The most technically advanced base layer you’ll ever own.

  • High Neck
  • Thumb loops
  • Extended rear section
  • Moisture managing fabric
  • Thermal yet lightweight design

A base layer developed from scratch and rigorously tested by the current Olympic Champion. Very warm and comfortable with yarns, thicknesses, weaves and cut designed specifically for cycling in the cold / wet. There is nothing like this. Worn next to your skin, the BASEZ 2 is designed to trap a layer of warm air and actively move moisture away from the skin. Cyclists have needed a base layer like this for decades. Here it is…

Take a look at the full Spatzwear AW19 range online now.