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Zwift Classics 2020

For those missing competitive cycling, Zwift are rolling out a series of virtual races

The Zwift Classics are returning to keep riders race-tuned during the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. Many countries throughout Europe have banned outdoor riding altogether and while we can still ride outside here in the UK, all British Cycling races have been postponed until the end of June at the earliest.

For those of a competitive disposition, Zwift races begin on April 5th and members will have four days to complete each race. Ahead of general release each race will launch with an invitational Pro-Am event which will be live-streamed on Zwift’s own YouTube channel. So for viewers looking to get their race-fix you can tune in and follow the action live.

Six unique races will take place in a different Zwift world throughout London, Richmond, Watopia, Bologna, Yorkshire and Crit City. The opening race is the Yorkshire Grand Prix, featuring roads used on last year’s Road Race World Championships course. Riders must register on Zwift Power ahead of the series and join the appropriate category.

More information can be found on the Zwift website.