Here at Wheelbase top German brand Focus provide us with high quality road and cyclo-cross bikes. Founded by a former cyclo-cross world champ, if you turn up to any cross race today you will find a wealth of carbon and aluminium Focus Mares. The Mares is one of the lightest and best handling cross bikes out there, at very competitive prices. Look to the Izalco Max and Izalco Race  on the road side for extremely lightweight, high performance and well equipped bikes.

The emergence of disc brake equipped road and cyclo-cross bikes has led to many innovations within the industry. Look out for one of Focus’s most notable creations, R.A.T (Rapid Axle Technology) thru axles featured on all of their disc road and cross bikes. These are much stiffer and more stable than a quick release but also make wheel changes extremely fast and easy thanks to the unique T head axle.

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