Electric Bikes, Keswick

Electric Bike for Sale KeswickThe idea behind the electric bike is to take a traditional bike and add in a motor ultimately. Allowing riders to have the opportunity to cycle further, climb hills with ease, and do it all at a much faster pace. 

Whether you’re looking to cycling as your primary mode of transport, you cycle for a hobby, you’re easing back into exercise, or you’re looking to increase your health and fitness – the right electric bicycle can help support it all. 

E-bikes can often provide that nudge of motivation that we all need to push ourselves further and to take on bigger challenges. 

At Wheelbase, we know our electric bikes. We know what bike is suited to what cycle path and each individual. 

Pairing your requirements with the ideal bike, perfectly. 

With some of the best cycling routes in Keswick, matched with the stunning scenery, make sure your bike is ready to help you with your cycling adventures. 

Know the Law 

There are restraints and laws to abide by if you choose an electric bike for your ride. 

As they are designed to assist the rider and keep at a steady pace that you’re comfortable with it’s important to note that the battery and the motor included in the bike can’t be used as the single source of pedal power for the bike – you do have to do some of the work! 

The maximum speed on an electric bike must not exceed 25kph (our approximately 15mph). 

Motors within e-bikes must not exceed 250w and cannot be operated by a throttle. 

Types of Electric Bikes for sale 

Electric Road Bikes 

E-road bikes are ideal if you’re looking to keep up with the pace of large cycle groups, shave time off your daily commute, or simply enjoy what you love doing the most – road cycling. 

Electric road bikes are performance built. With innovative designs that look to help riders sustain their speed, it’s all about providing you with the opportunity to go further, faster, providing the ultimate endurance. 

Lightweight in comparison to hybrid electric bikes, e-road bikes offer a smooth and comfortable road riding experience. 

Our pick of electric road bikes includes: 

  • Cannondale Synapse Neo – With its smooth and silent power system, comfortable sportive position and massive range, the Synapse Neo brings new riding and endless possibilities.
  • Focus Paralane2  – This e-road bike combines lightweight design with motor assistance. Kicking in only when you need it, the extra 400 Watts of power helps flatten out those previously unconquerable hills.
  • Cube Agree Hybrid C:62 SL – redefining your expectations of an electric bike. The Cube Agree combines all that is great about the classic road bike, with all that is necessary from an e-bike. 

Electric Mountain Bikes 

  • Providing you with everything you love about mountain biking and then taking it one step further and providing you with even more. 

    This is what an e-mountain bike can do. It will give you the capability to tackle those bigger mountainous hills with ease. 

    With the ability to ride for longer, e-mountain bikes extend your time on the trails and allow more time flying down hills as ascent times halve. 

    Our pick of electric mountain bikes includes: 

    • Specialised Turbo Levo – Offering a smooth and powerful motor to help you take on any challenge, the Levo combines pedal assist with all the hallmarks known to Specialized’s mountain bike designs.
    • Trek Rail– The ultimate trail e-MTB, specifically designed to get you up the mountain efficiently and then send it straight back down, repeatedly.
    • Merida eOne Sixty 9000 – An enduro e-MTB with an agile and playful character, the eOne Sixty is built for taking on the most demanding trails. 

Hybrid Electric Bikes 

The most common style of e-bike, hybrid or leisure bikes are ideal for commuting, touring and leisure riding. Extremely capable and comfortable, these bikes will eat up the miles with minimal effort.

If you’re looking for something a little heavier in weight, more robust, and sturdier to handle, then a hybrid electric bike is a perfect choice. 

Comfortable, easy to handle, and completely smooth, e-bikes within this range are perfect for all outdoor adventures. 

Our pick of Hybrid electric bikes includes:    

  • Cube Touring Hybrid – With the versatility to ride tarmac and bridleways, the Touring Hybrid range is ideal for commuters and leisure cyclists alike.
  • Cube Reaction Hybrid – One of the best hybrid hardtail bikes on the market, the Reaction Hybrid combines the MTB comfort of a front suspension fork with the agile ride geometry of Cube’s hybrid bike expertise.
  • Trek Allant+ – Smart, stylish looks and an ultra-efficient drive system make the Allant+ a great option for cruising through the city on your commute. Equipped with mudguards and pannier racks, you can ride the Allant+ through all weather and carry everything you need.

Benefits of choosing an electric bike 

  • Helps to improve your fitness levels and gives your health a boost.
  • Helps with rehabilitation programmes and fitness after experiencing injury or poor health.
  • To keep you cycling at a pace, you enjoy. 
  • To challenge yourself to longer rides and bigger mountains.
  • Continue to cycle even with additional cargo! 

 If you’re looking for: 

  • Electric bikes, kids 
  • Electric bikes, ladies 
  • Electric bikes, men 

Wheelbase can offer it all. 

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