Electric Bikes, Leeds

Electric Bike for Sale in Leeds: Mountain Bike, Road Bike and Push Bikes Electric bikes, also known as e-bikes, are a fast-growing trend in the UK. A bike that helps you to push yourself further and cycle that little bit faster, all with additional built-in support. 

Steep hill climbs have never been easier with pedal assist. Helping to boost your natural pedal power and take on any challenge or long distance with ease. 

Today, you’ll find a range of different makes and models of electric bikes for sale. All built with different specifications to meet the wide-ranging individual cycle requirements. 

However, all-electric bikes will come with hardwearing electric motors fitted with rechargeable batteries. 

Offering excellent road performance and trail riding, e-bikes are also suitable for those who are looking to get back into cycling or carry on cycling at an older age. 

Keeping you at a pace, you’re comfortable with. 

Wheelbase is the largest online bike store around. Offering a range of electric bikes for sale to our customers in Leeds, we have something to suit all requirements and all individuals. 

Definition of an Electric Bicycle 

An electric bike is ultimately a motor-assisted ride. They are a combination of a traditional bike, with a battery and motor added, to help assist the rider with pedalling. 

Why choose an e-bike over a traditional bicycle? 

  1. You’re travelling with cargo. Having the additional pulling power of an e-bike means you can still use your bike to haul extra cargo, without killing your legs due to the extra weight. Or opting out altogether and packing your car! 
  2. You’re looking to cycle long distances. E-bikes can help to keep your pace and help you get from A to B quickly and not in such a sweaty state – great if you’re switching to cycling to work! 
  3. You’re recovering from an injury or illness. Using an e-bike can help you on your road to recovery with supported cycling when you need it most. 
  4. To improve your overall health and fitness. Stay fit and healthy and continue to do what you love. Pushing yourself further each time you take your bike out. Stretch your muscles with the additional support of an e-bike. 

Know your Electric Bikes 

As we’ve mentioned, today, you will find a variety of e-bikes available. We’ve taken the top three categories and outlined just what each e-bike within this range has to offer so that you can make the most informed decision for you. 

Hybrid Electric Bikes 

Hybrids are by far the most popular e-bikes on the market. If you’re looking for a comfortable ride, this bike can handle rough roads as well as some models within the range suitable for the occasional park track. Plus, with flat handlebars, you’ll be able to maintain a good upright position during your cycle. 

However, the hybrids are slightly heavier than that of the electric road bikes. But, the robust features of these bikes make them perfect for any urban adventure across rougher terrain. 

Our most popular electric hybrid bikes include: 

  • Cube electric bike, Access Hybrid SL 625 2020 – this bike helps to make light work of any trail. With an innovative and sleek frame design, this bike is one of our most popular options. Extending your days out on your favourite trails and taking the adventure further as you explore new routes. 
  • Kalkhoff Entice 5.B Tour Trapeze 2019 – the latest in the Entice model range, this bike is designed for everyday trekking. Equipped with mudguards and a stable pannier rack, it also hosts an exclusive handlebar stem unit with integrated cables. 
  • Specialised Vado 4 2020 – when speed is of the essence, we recommend the award-winning Vado. Using exclusive technology that is tailored to helping you get around your day to day life, quicker. Suitable for all urban environments, the belt drive is smooth, silent and free from any vibrations. 

Electric Road Bikes 

With dropped handlebars and innovations that prioritise keeping the weight low, electric road bikes are 100% performance focussed. 

Having a lighter bike to ride on the flat without assistance is a big benefit with these bikes, especially when the power can be saved and used on those uphill climbs instead. 

E-road bikes are the perfect choice for lifelong club cyclists who need the extra push now and again. 

With electric road bikes in Leeds, the power will cut out once 25KPH is reached (the maximum speed allowed by UK Law), letting you only use the power when you need it most. 

Our top 3 Electric Road Bikes include: 

  • Focus Paralane2 9.9 2020 – a revolutionary fit, this road bike offers support at the right moment. Combining the best parts of racing bikes and e-bikes, with more tyre clearance offering greater freedom and optimum gear shifts, the Focus Paralane2 provides the ultimate comfort. 
  • Focus Paralane2 6.6 Commute 2020 – gives you the extra push when you need it most. This is a great light and agile road bike, ideal for asphalt and gravel trails. Known to be fast like a road bike while robust like an e-bike. 
  • Cube Agree Hybrid C:62 Race 2020 – sleek in its design, to the untrained eye, this bike doesn’t look like your average e-bike. With pedal response being instantaneous and accurate matched with intuitive steering, the Cube always makes it into our top 3. 

Electric Mountain Bikes 

Electric mountain bikes have boomed recently as the attraction of getting to the top of a hill faster and easier is very appealing – making bikes within this range all about the fun. Intensifying this and taking it to whole new levels. 

Electric mountain bikes help you to go faster, travel further, and explore more places. 

Opening up more of the mountain, these hardtail e-bikes make mountain cycling a piece of cake. 

Ideal if you want to cycle forest paths and light trails around Leeds. Or if you opt for a more confident full-suspension model, you can tackle rougher and more challenging trails. 

Available in a range of wheel sizes, you’ll be able to find an e-mountain bike to take on any trail. 

Our top 3 Electric Mountain Bikes are: 

  • Cannondale Moterra 2 2020 – an agile bike with a low centre of gravity, this bike’s handling is in a different class. The suspension layout can also be tailored to you, so you get optimal traction, suppleness, and full control. This bike has the power and the range so you can ride anything. 
  • Cube Reaction Hybrid Ex 500 2020 – with an elegantly functional frame, this bike’s handling is incredible. Power delivery is smooth and efficient, with hand-selected components that offer great value and high performance. 
  • Focus Jam2 6.6 Nine 2020 – helping you to conquer new mountains, this bike is all about having fun on the trail. Powerful and perfectly tuned, you can get your heart racing time and time again with the Focus Jam2. 

If you’re looking for the perfect electric bike in Leeds, speak to the specialists at Wheelbase. From men’s electric bikes to ladies and even electric bikes for kids, contact the largest cycle store in the UK to see how we can help you. 

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