Greener, Fitter more motivated Staff

With WHEELBASE and CycleScheme everyone is a winner.

We’ve teamed up with CycleScheme, Bike2Work Scheme, Work Riders & Halfords to offer employers in Cumbria and throughout the UK a really successful cycle-to-work scheme designed to get more and more people out and about riding bikes and reaping the multitude of personal and environmental benefits!

The scheme is an initiative stemming from the Government’s Green Transport Plan, which aims to encourage more people to cycle to work by offering up to a 45% saving on the cost of a new bicycle and safety equipment. The scheme is run through employers and can be administered by a third party company, free of charge, so the paperwork is kept to a minimum.

Each employee who signs up for the scheme saves Income Tax (PAYE) and National Insurance to encourage them to consider cycling to work and in the case of Croppers the uptake way exceeded expectations!

James Cropper PLC is just one example of a large number of companies we have worked with over the past five years to establish cycle-to-work schemes. It doesn’t matter how large or small your business is, WHEELBASE has the experience of meeting all your needs.


If you wish to purchase a quality, performance bike for the great brands we stock but you only have access to the Halfords Cycle to Work scheme then don’t worry. You can now request that you Halfords Cycle to Work voucher is changed to be able to be redeemed at Call the Halfords team on 08450 778835 and they will arrange this switch for you.

Contact us with your requirements and we will be happy to assist your business in establishing a cycle to work scheme for you and your employees.