Bike Fitting

Professional Bike Fitting Service available at WHEELBASE Lake District

  • Are the aches and pains just part of cycling?
  • Can I get more comfortable?
  • Is my bike set up for maximum efficiency?
  • Can I improve my power transfer?
  • Am I getting the best out of my cycling?

If you have asked yourself any or all of these questions then there is one sure-fire way to find the answer. Here at Wheelbase we have a highly experienced team dedicated to helping you achieve your perfect ride position, whether you are an elite racer or a daily commuter.

Our experience, together with a state of the art precision fit jig and motion capture video analysis will help you achieve your goals on your current bike or a set you up for a brand new one.

How does it work?

What to Wear

You should wear clothing and cycling shoes that you would normally wear on your bike. We have changing facilities available for you to use.

The Interview

The Wheelbase Precision Bike Fit begins with a discussion about your current riding, future aspirations and any issues or injuries you have experienced which helps us determine your perfect riding position.

Physical Assessment

The physical assessment allows us to gauge your flexibility, stability and understand your individual body-mechanics in relation to your bike position.

From The Feet Up

A biomechanical assessment and sophisticated software to determine optimum cleat position. As a ‘fixed point’ of contact between you and your bike it is essential to get this right first.

The Perfect Position

Once we’re happy with your shoe/pedal setup we use the Precision Fit jig to establish your ideal riding position. Your Precision Fit specialist will go through a series of adjustments to saddle and handlebar position to determine your optimum position.

The Result

Your new position is taken from our jig and using geometry data is applied to your bike. All details of your fit will remain on our database and can be recalled at any time, with the option of a follow up consultation to see how you are getting on.

What our customers say…

“I recently had a precision bike fit with Karl. I have been cycling a few weeks after the fit and to be clear, what an absolutely awesome difference it has made to my riding. My power & speed is up, my comfort has improved substantially and I’m loving being out even more. My knee pain has gone. I wish now that I’d had it done years ago. Anyone thinking of a new bike or has never had a bike fit please get one done believe me it’s worth it. Many thanks to Karl and all the team at Wheelbase Lake District, what a great team.” Colin, Kendal

“The bike fit has transformed my ride – feels like a new bike!” Steve, Kendal 

“I did the London 2 Brighton bike ride yesterday and have never felt so comfortable on the bike. Knocked it out in a very steady 3.5 hours and given I spent the first 10 miles dordaling along with friends I think I could have easily improved on this. The saddle was great and the ride comfort even better so I am very happy with the service you provided and will gladly recommend you to friends and family.” Tom, London

“It’s like a different bike. Ride was so much more comfortable, ride position is loads better and the new seat has made a massive difference, I can now walk after a 3hr ride instead of hobbling around for the rest of the day!!!” Caroline, Cotswolds

“I figured if I had a new bike I should have a new fit. Having just completed an epic adventure by riding from Preston to London in a day for the last train home, I can honestly say not once during my ride did I feel the previous knee niggles, lower back pain or neck ache I had prior to the bike fit. Considering this was over a non-stop 226 mile journey it can only be testament to the bike fit I had.” Hannah, Cheshire

“..excellent and thorough bike fit..I went out yesterday and ended up doing 86 miles and the bike was perfect.” – Andrew, Sunderland.

Full Precision Bike Fit – £199

Cleat Fit £25

AVAILABLE AT WHEELBASE Lake District – to book please Karl ( or call on 01539 821443, option 2. 

Bike Fitting gift vouchers are available to purchase online