Professional Bike Fitting Service


It is easy to spend thousands of pounds on a new road or mountain bike but if it doesn't fit you correctly you will never get the best out of your cycling. Here at our highly experienced team have been taking our time and fitting people up with the right bike since 1992. As the sport advances ever further we have decided that the time is right to add some science into the equation to get the perfect result.

We have invested heavily in a new cycle fitting service which includes a full position simulator, body measuring jig, cleat setting service along with custom fitted shoes, saddles and inner soles. All backed up with our fully trained staff and a sophisticated computer programme.

Only the best

Our cycle fit team can fine tune your existing bike, confirm size and set up of a new 'off-the-peg' bike or even be used to commission a fully custom built frameset.


The interview

The WHEELBASE Precision Bike Fit starts with an interview which is used to record any relevant background information, your experience level and future aspirations. We also discuss what you want out of the fit and any problems you currently have.

Physical assessment

A lot of important work is done during the physical assessment in order to gain an in-depth understanding of YOUR strengths, weaknesses and limitations.

From the feet up

Our Precision Fit always start with a shoe and cleat setup. The feet are the only ‘fixed-point’ and everything revolves around this so it is essential this is right first.

The perfect position

Once your shoe set up is correct we use the Precision Fit jig to establish your perfect position on the bike.

The result

Finally, the position is taken from the jig and applied to your new bike using geometry data from many of the world’s best manufacturers. Alternatively, the measurements can be applied to your existing bike.
Your fit will remain on our database and can be recalled at any time. We also offer the option of a follow-up consultation to see how you are getting on.


Bike Fitting Price List

  • Professional Bike Fit - £150.00

Speak to our Pro Cycle Fit manager James Dalton to book your appointment.
Call 01539 821443 or email