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Squish Kids Bikes


Have you heard the news? Cycling is booming in the UK right now; it’s great to see so many people discovering the joys of cycling, either for the first time or by returning to the sport after some time away. Individuals from all walks of life are spending more time on two wheels and that includes more families getting out together to explore their local area by bike, leaving the car at home. Likewise we see mountain biking couples that have been riding together for years who, after having kids, want to continue their passion while passing on their love of off-road riding to their offspring. These customers are looking for kid’s bikes that have been designed and constructed to be more child-friendly than what’s previously been available; encouraging your kids to enjoy cycling can sometimes be tricky, in the past kids had to ride heavy bikes with badly thought out components that weren’t proportioned to their dimensions and needless to say kids were finding it harder to ride a bike than it really should have been.

Happily, over the past few years more and more bike brands are focusing on producing really good, child-friendly bikes that are built to be lightweight and perfectly proportioned, making them way more fun to ride. We’ve seen a number of new brands come along that ONLY produce bikes for children; creating a comprehensive range of bikes capable of enhancing the enjoyment of riding at every stage of your child’s development, Squish is one such brand and we are proud to be stockists of their complete range.

Squish Kids Bikes

Each model in the Squish kids bike range has been carefully thought out and includes components that are perfectly proportioned to your child, including brake levers, handlebars, stems, pedals and cranks. All Squish frames are made from lightweight triple-butted alloy tubing to keep the bike’s overall weight nice and light, making it far easier for your child to get the bike rolling and to overcome the hills. A lot of time and attention has been put into developing the right sort of frame geometry for each model of Squish bike, ensuring that your child is not overly stretched and unable to reach the handlebars and brakes comfortably. Other factors like a nice low bottom bracket height means your child can get their feet on the floor quickly when they need to and will be able to ride with more confidence thanks to the lower centre of gravity.

Squish Kids Bike

As you’ll see below, our full range of Squish bikes covers all stages of your child’s development, from their very first balance bike with tiny 12” wheels up to much larger 650B wheeled mountain bikes with suspension forks and a wide range of gears there’s a bike in the range to suit your child and the type of riding you’ll be doing with them.

Check out all the models and colour options below; Squish is available NOW in-store and online.


Squish 650B Kids Bike £579.99

Squish 650B MTB Kids Bike

Squish 26 MTB Kids Bike £529.99

Squish 26 MTB Kids Bike

Squish 24 MTB Kids Bike £499.99

Squish 24 MTB Kids Bike

Squish 650B Hybrid Kids Bike £419.99

Squish 650B Hybrid Kids Bike

Squish 26 Kids Bike £369.99

Squish 26 Kids Bike

Squish 24 Kids Bike £349.99

Squish 24 Kids Bike

Squish 20 Kids Bike £329.99

Squish 20 Kids Bike

Squish 18 Kids Bike £289.99

Squish 18 Kids Bike

Squish 16 Kids Bike £279.99

Squish 16 Kids Bike

Squish 14 Kids Bike £269.99

Squish 14 Kids Bike

Squish 12 Kids Balance Bike £149.99

Squish 12 Kids Balance Bike


See the Squish kid’s bike range in action…

Squish Kids Bikes