Electric Bikes, Blackpool

Electric Bicycle for Sale in Leeds: Mountain Bike, Road Bike and Push BikesWith the large display of Blackpool illuminations, time is of the essence, and what better way to check them out and beat the traffic than with an electric bike from Wheelbase? 

A fast-growing trend in the cycling world, e-bikes offer something for everyone.  From the experienced riders to those who cycle for leisure, to even complete novices who want to kick-start their healthy lifestyle, electric bicycles now come in a range of makes, models, styles, and types. 

E-bikes are on hand to help you ride further, enjoy more of the adventure, and take on different challenges. 

With power-assisted pedalling to boost your natural pedal power, you can now experience excellent road performance as well as trail riding all set at a pace that you’re comfortable with. 

Plus, with the UK’s largest online cycle store on hand to provide you with the best and most practical cycle advice, you can’t go wrong! 

What is an electric push bike? 

E-bikes are a motor-assisted ride, where the bike itself will come with an electric motor fitted to the frame, encasing rechargeable batteries held inside. 

Think of an electric bike like a traditional pushbike, with a battery and motor added to help keep those pedals moving, when your legs can’t! 

Benefits of buying an electric bike. 

Do you want to cycle further and take on rougher terrain? Now you can. With the extra oomph provided by the motor, you can now cycle further and take on steep hill climbs with your eyes closed (well not really, that would be dangerous, but you know what we mean). 

Keeping the pace, e-bikes can also help you get from A to B faster. Great if you’re considering commuting to work, but unsure about the distance.  

Do you still want to cycle but now have additional cargo to take with you? Not a problem! With the extra assist on the pedals, you can now still cycle to your destination with the additional cargo in tow, without killing yourself during the ride! 

Are you recovering from an illness or serious injury, and you’re looking for a fun yet gentle form of exercise? Cycling with an electric bike could be the perfect answer. Helping you on your road to recovery with assistance when and as you need it. 

Do you want to improve your health and fitness and build stamina and fitness levels up gradually over time? E-bikes can help. Planning your routes and knowing when to use the power-assisted pedalling and then gradually reducing this until you find yourself doing most of the cycling with the powered support! 

Electric Bikes for Sale 

There are a variety of electric bikes in the UK available to purchase. Depending on what the bike will be used for and where you will be cycling, it will depend on what type will best suit you. 

Different types of electric bicycles for sale 

Hybrid Electric Bikes 

The hybrids are one of the most popular types of e-bikes now available. Offering a comfortable ride even on rough roads and terrain, you will even find within this category some models suitable for park tracks. 

You will find hybrids to be heavier than that of the electric road bikes, mainly due to how these bikes should be handled and what they are ultimately designed for (rougher terrain). 

With robust features and flat handlebars, these bikes are ideally suited for urban adventures. 

A hybrid to consider: – 

  • Kalkhoff Entice 5.B Tour Trapeze – this bikes innovative design makes it suitable for everyday trekking. Reliable, sturdy, and robust, this bike is equipped with it all. 
  • Cube electric bike, Access Hybrid SL – with a sleekly designed frame, this bike makes light work of any trail and is one of our most popular customer picks. 
  • Specialised Vado 4 – perfect for day to day use, where you need to get somewhere fast. Smooth, silent, and free from vibrations are what sets this bike apart. 

Electric Road Bikes 

These road bikes are all about speed and performance. Keeping weights low, and including dropped handlebars, these are a much lighter bike to ride. 

Having the option to ride without assistance until you choose is a bonus with these bikes, saving the power until you need it the most. 

For those that need a gentle push every now and again, to those in clubs who want to continue keeping up the pace, electric road bikes can help support you. 

Note: With electric road bikes, power will be cut once the bike has reached 25kph, as this is the limit set by UK Law.  

Electric road bikes to consider: 

  • Focus Paralane2 6.6 Commute – an agile and light bike perfect for riding across gravel and asphalt surfaces. Fast like a road bike, robust like an e-bike. 
  • Cube Agree Hybrid C:62 Race – sleek in its design; this bike offers instantaneous and accurate responses to pedalling as well as intuitive steering. 
  • Focus Paralane2 9.9 – taking the best parts of racing bikes and the best of e-bikes and combining them into the Focus Paralane. Greater freedom, optimum gear shifts, ultimate comfort. 

Electric Mountain Bikes 

All about the fun! Electric mountain bikes are all about keeping the excitement alive. Helping you to reach the top of the hill faster and easier, taking on new challenges, advanced trails, and more! 

Supporting you on your mission to go faster, travel further, and explore more, electric mountain bikes offer it all. 

Electric mountain bikes to consider: 

  • Cube Reaction Hybrid Ex 500 – with incredible handling and power delivery that is not only smooth but efficient, this bike is all about offering high performance at a great value. 
  • Focus Jam2 6.6 Nine – focused and designed for having fun on the trail. Perfectly tuned and powerful enough to get your heart racing, conquer new mountains with ease with the Focus Jam2. 
  • Cannondale Moterra 2 – is so agile that this bike’s handling is in a class of its own. With the power and range, you are in complete control of this bike and your ride, always. 

Electric Bikes, Blackpool 

With more people taking up cycling for their own reasons, speak to the bike specialists at Wheelbase to make sure you’re choosing the right bike for you. 

With the largest variety of bicycles available, trust us when we say we have something for everyone!