Electric Bikes, Harrogate

Electric Bike for Sale in Harrogate: Mountain Bike, Road Bike and Push BikesThe electric bike. A motor-assisted ride. A traditional bicycle, with a built-in motor to help you with power-assisted pedalling. 

Electric bikes in the UK are growing in popularity as more people look to cycling, either as a way of commuting to and from work, as a form of exercise, rehabilitation, or simply for enjoyment. 

With e-bikes, you can now ride further and take on those hill climbs with ease. Boosting your motivation and enjoyment of cycling. 

With a variety of brands and models available to purchase, all with different specifications to suit different riders and their styles, you’ll find the experts at Wheelbase, Harrogate, on hand to provide the answers to all of your questions. 

Finding the perfect bike doesn’t come without its research. Understanding the differences between those road performance bikes compared to trail riders and more is essential. 

With e-bikes, it’s all about keeping you at a pace that you’re comfortable with. 

The Law on Electric Bikes 

E-bikes are designed to assist the rider ultimately. However, the motor and the battery used cannot be the sole source of power for the bike – you still have to use your legs! 

Power will be (or indeed should be) cut off once the bike has reached its maximum speed – 25kmp or 15.5mph, roughly. 

The motor inside the bike can also only be a maximum of 250w and can’t be operated by a throttle like what you would find built into a motorbikes design. 

Types of Electric Bikes 

Electric Road Bikes 

Electric road bikes (or electric MTB bikes) let you keep up the pace with cycle groups, save time on your commutes, and enjoy what you love the most – road riding. 

Bikes within this range are designed for endurance, capable of sustaining speeds allowing you to go further, faster. 

Lightweight in their design, with innovative frames that offer a much smoother and more comfortable ride. 

Our choice of e-road bikes: 

  • Cube Agree Hybrid C:62 Race 2020 – a sophisticated e-bike that represents a new way to ride the road. 
  • Cannondale Synapse Neo 1 2020 – quiet, light, and drag-free. With improved handling and more control, you couldn’t ask for more. 
  • Focus Paralane1 6.6 Commute 2020 – light and agile, giving you that slight push when you need it most. 

Electric Mountain Bikes 

Delivering everything you love about mountain biking and then offering you a little bit more.  

With assistance from the motor, open up new routes, new adventures, and the ability to conquer those bigger hills easily.  

Allowing you to ride for longer, electric mountain bikes are the epitome of fun! 

Our pick of electric mountain bikes: 

  • Cannondale Moterra SE 2020 – a bike that offers the infinite capability. With everything about this bike letting you ride even the unrideable! 
  • Cube Reaction Hybrid EXC 625 2020 – with an innovative hardtail frame, this bike not only looks good it rides smooth. 
  • Cube Stereo Hybrid 140 HPC Action T. 635 2020 – you’re most certainly onto a winner when you’re cycling the same bike like the pros. With no-holds-barred premium components, this bike can provide the ultimate riding experience. 

Last and by all means not least, and the most popular electrical bike on the market… 

Hybrid Electric Bikes 

With thicker and wider tyres so you can take on the roads of Harrogate, electric hybrids can handle the road and the rough terrain that this can sometimes bring with it. 

If you’re looking for something a little sturdier than an electric mountain bike, but not a full electric mtb bike, then a hybrid is a perfect choice. 

Smooth, comfortable, and easy to control, the hybrid electric bikes are ideal for any urban adventure! 

Our choice of hybridelectric bikes: 

  • Cube Access Hybrid Ex 500 2020 – versatile, better handling, and powerful allround hybrid. Offering you a reliable ride no matter your trail. 
  • Cube Nature Hybrid One 400 Allroad 2020 – ready to go whenever you are, the features built into the Cube Nature means you are always in control. 
  • Cube Town Hybrid One 500 Easy Entry 2020 – designed to make riders lives easier. With an elegant, easy entry frame, easy hub gears, and smooth yet powerful drive, you’ll travel from A to B effortlessly with the Cube Town. 

Electric Bikes Harrogate 

There are several reasons why more and more of us are turning to an electric bike as a means to travel: 

  1. Improve health and fitness. 
  2. To slowly get back into exercise after illness or injury. 
  3. To continue cycling at a steady pace even at an older age. 
  4. To cycle longer distances or to climb bigger mountains. 
  5. You can still cycle while taking more cargo with you! 

E-bikes help to plug the gap between not being able to go any further to going much further. To not being able to cycle anymore, to aiding you in getting back on the bike. 

Cycling offers a host of benefits for riders; however, finding the right bike for you is vital. 

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