Electric Bikes, Southport

Electric Bikes for Sale in Southport: Mountain Bike, Road Bike and Push Bikes

  • What is an electric bike? 
  • Could you benefit from one? 
  • Are they suitable for all riding conditions? 
  • How do they work? 

Electric bicycles, also known as e-bikes, work as a motor-assisted ride. With a built-in motor and rechargeable batteries providing you with power-assisted pedalling for when you need that extra support and push to make it to your destination. 

Electric bikes, UK are a growing trend due to the benefits they can provide to such a large group of people. Including professional riders who are looking to push themselves further and take on more advanced trails, novices to cycling who want to kick start a health and fitness regime, to those within cycling clubs who wish to continue keeping up the pace. 

Whatever the reason and whomever the person, there is an e-bike for everyone. 

E-bikes can help to put the fun back into riding again, with steep hills no longer a problem, the distance a thing of the past, and being able to ride those mountain trails with ease. 

Of course, finding the right bike for you doesn’t come without a lot, and we mean a lot of research. You have to know your bikes, as with so many different makes and models available, you must find the right one for you. 

Keep with a pace you’re comfortable with, contact the cycle experts at Wheelbase, and have your questions answered, honestly. 

Electric bikes and the Law 

E-bikes are designed to assist the rider, not offer the full pedalling support. This is why it is the law that the motor and battery included in an electric bike must not be the sole source of power for the bicycle – some effort on your part is still required. 

A maximum speed restriction is set at 25kmp (or roughly 15mph). 

Motors included inside electric bikes, must not exceed 250w and must not under any circumstances be operated by a throttle. 

Different Electric Bikes Available 

Electric Road Bikes 

E-road bikes are ideal if you’re looking to keep up with the pace of large cycle groups, shave time off your daily commute, or simply enjoy what you love doing the most – road cycling. 

Electric road bikes are performance built. With innovative designs that look to help riders sustain their speed, it’s all about providing you with the opportunity to go further, faster, providing the ultimate endurance. 

Lightweight in comparison to the Hybrid electric bikes, the e-road bikes offer a smooth and comfortable road riding experience. 

Our pick of electric road bikes includes: 

  • Focus Paralane2 9.8 – designed to offer riders maximum comfort, this bike is light and agile and leads the way in boosting road cycling standards. 
  • Focus Paralane2 9.6 GC – simple, flexible, and adaptable. This bike is designed to provide you with assisted support only when you need it the most. 
  • Cube Agree Hybrid C:62 SL – redefining your expectations of an electric bike. The Cube Agree combines all that is great about the classic road bike, with all that is necessary from an e-bike. 

Electric Mountain Bikes 

Providing you with everything you love about mountain riding and then taking it one step further and providing you with even more. 

This is what an e-mountain bike can do. 

Open up your adventure book with the capability to tackle those bigger mountainous hills with ease. 

With the ability to ride for longer, e-mountain bikes have the fun element automatically built-in. 

Our pick of electric mountain bikes includes: 

  • Specialised Turbo Levo – this is by far one of the most advanced eMTB frames available. Offering a smooth and powerful motor to help you take on any challenge. 
  • Trek Rail 7 – where efficiency is this bikes middle name, the Trek Rail is smaller and lightweight, making it simple to use and operate all while looking good. 
  • Merida eOne Forty 900 – Providing riders better rollover performance and a more agile and playful character, the Merida is always a popular choice amongst riders. 

Hybrid Electric Bikes 

The hybrids are one of the most popular types of e-bikes currently on the market. Their popularity continues to rise as they can provide riders with the ultimate road cycle as well as being able to take on the rougher terrain of park trails and more. 

If you’re looking for something a little heavier in weight, more robust, and sturdier to handle, then a hybrid electric bike is a perfect choice. 

Comfortable, easy to handle, and completely smooth, e-bikes within this range are perfect for all outdoor adventures. 

Our pick of Hybrid electric bikes includes:    

  • Specialised Vado 4 – this is the perfect city bike. Getting you around Southport faster due to a powerful charge that won’t fail you. 
  • Electric Bike, Women’s – Cube Access Hybrid Ex 500 – offering greater versatility, sturdier handling, this bike keeps you in complete control, always. 
  • Kalkhoff Entice 5:B Tour Trapeze – suitable for everyday trekking, the Kalkhoff Entice is always ready for any adventure. 

Electric Bikes for Sale 

There are so many reasons why buying an electric bike is the right decision! 

Some of these positives include: 

  • Helps to improve overall health and fitness levels 
  • Helps with rehabilitation schedules after injury or illness 
  • Helps to keep up the pace no matter what your age 
  • Let’s you cycle further and take on bigger and tougher challenges 
  • You can take on the extra weight and still be able to cycle with ease! 

Cycling is more than just about health and fitness; it’s about fun; it’s about the enjoyment and thrill of the ride. 

Electric bikes now help to keep these elements and so much more going. Bringing them to the forefront and reminding us why we love to ride again. 

If you’re looking for the perfect electric bike for sale, look no further than the UK’s largest online cycle store, Wheelbase. 

With expert advice, free shipping, 0% finance, and so much more available, you quite simply have nothing to lose and everything fun about cycling to gain when you shop with us. 

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