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The Power of Bosch SX – Hot New Models 🔥

Muscle Power and Electric Working in Harmony To Give Top Performance Exactly When You Need It!


Bosch needs no introduction when it comes to their reputation for developing powerful eBike motors such as the Performance Line CX Smart System, introduced in 2021. More recently they’ve launched the Bosch Performance Line SX, a mid-drive motor that is both smaller and lighter than any of Bosch’s other models, aimed at rider looking for a more engaging and rewarding ride experience, whilst also allowing the rider to venture deeper into the back country to terrain usually out of bounds for heavy, cumbersome eBikes.



The first consideration for most riders is power. This is a where the Performance SX motor is unique, especially in how it delivers it power. It does require a little more ‘muscle power’ to reach the systems full potential.

The Bosch Performance SX boasts 55 Nm of torque, with a peak output of up to 600 watts. At peak… which means, the motor won’t deliver its maximum power continuously, but instead it regulates it dynamically through the system’s software, which calculates a moving average of the rider’s own power input. Providing you output an average physical effort, the motor assists you with up to 40 Nm torque. If you pedal harder, exceeding your previous average, the motor churns out up to 55 Nm torque. As a result, you reach the peak power only in dynamic riding situations. Encouraging you to keep on the gas, for a more rewarding ride experience.

The Performance SX motor features for four riding modes with just as many support levels. There’s a new progressive support mode called Sprint, which adjusts the assistance according to the pedalling cadence. Simply put, the faster you pedal, the more the motor assists you, with up to 280% support, coaxing you to work harder and giving a more engaging ride feel.


Battery and range – Adventure awaits…

Bosch also introduced a brand-new battery to power the Performance SX motor, the CompactTube 400. As the name suggests, it has 400 Wh capacity, and weighs in at 2 kg, bringing the total weight of the drive system to just 4 kg. This opens up a new world of riding for riders who are more either more adventurous, looking to undertake backcountry hike a bike missions or seeking a lightweight package that handles without compromise and provides agility on par with that of a ‘analog’ bike. The lighter weight of the Performance SX package gives the rider the ability to respond quickly to terrain, making lightning quick changes in line choice and weight transfers to flow effortlessly through technical terrain as opposed to feeling like a passenger aboard eBikes of a heavier nature.

Speaking of epic adventures, you can expand the standard battery with the optional 250 Wh PowerMore range extender, which can be secured to bottle cage mounts, providing a total battery capacity of 650 Wh, allowing you to keep up with many ‘full-fat eMTBs’. The range extender weighs an additional 1.6 kg and is backwards-compatible with existing Smart System batteries, meaning that you can combine the Performance Line SX motor with, for example, the 500 Wh PowerTube 500 and all other Smart System batteries currently available on the market.


How it rides

The Performance SX is an excellent option for riders who want to push themselves a little more physically. Whether that be the Enduro racer looking to eek out more hot laps without compromising bike handling or the trail rider looking to ride father and deeper into the backcountry without limitations. The Performance SX motor requires a slightly higher cadence to fully develop its power, but supports you willingly once it gets there, even on steep, technical climbs. Especially in technical terrain, the sustained response allows you to negotiate bigger roots and small steps without pedalling.

When negotiating slow, technical climbs and tight switchbacks that force you to pedal slowly, the Performance SX does require significantly more physical input than other motors relying a slightly higher cadence to fully develop its power, however it supports you willingly once it gets there, even on steeper climbs.

If you ride alongside a ‘full-fat’ e-Mountain Bike and the gradient suddenly increases, you can compensate for the lack of torque by shifting into an easier gear and pedal at a higher cadence. The Bosch Performance Line SX knows no limits, providing support even at very high cadences, where the most of its competitors run out of steam.


Whyte E-Lyte e-Mountain Bike Range

Whyte have three models in their range that utilise the Bosch Performance Line SX delivering uncompromised XC/trail performance. These are the E-Lyte 140 Works, E-Lyte 150 Works, and the E-Lyte 150 RSX.

The E-Lyte 140 works is Whyte’s lightest ever electric mountain bike, weighing in at just 16.4kg! With the slightly harder hitting trail/enduro 150 Works coming in at 19.2kg (size M) and the similar RSX at 18.9kg (size M). Despite these low weights, every E-Lyte comes complete with a fully trail-proven spec, including reinforced tyres, four-pot brakes, full-length dropper posts, wide handlebars and appropriate forks, so there’s no need to compromise on the way you ride.

Each works model is equipped off the peg with a Bosch PowerMore 250Wh range extender which is placed as low in the frame as possible to optimize the bike’s center of gravity, delivering an exceptional handling bike. Check out the spec of each bike below…





CUBE AMS Hybrid One44 e-Mountain Bike Range

There are four models in the range of AMS Hybrid One44 C:68’s e-MTB’s. Each boasting an ultra-sleek silhouette that has you second-guessing as to whether it’s an e-bike at all. All four bikes in the range all feature a superlight frame constructed from CUBE’s premium C:68X® carbon fibre for a weight of just 2100g!

Two of the models have been built for speed and efficiency, when you want to cover as much ground as possible and climb gradients that would have had you previously off the bike and pushing. The other two options have been spec’d to handle the increased demands of more rowdy trail riding when you are really pushing the bike to its limits downhill before quickly heading back to the top of your favourite trails thanks to that powerful but compact Bosch Performance SX motor. Check out the range below…