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E-Bikes for Leisure Cyclists

Why you should buy an eBike in 2019

Electric bike sales have exploded over the last few years, with constantly evolving smart technology and lower price points bringing motor-assisted pedalling to a far wider reach of consumers. The benefits of an e-bike are numerous and appeal to many – for commuters they offer a fast and effortless way to get to work and, for mountain bikers, an e-bike opens up more opportunities to venture further and ride previously unconquerable hills.

HMRC figures estimate around 62,500 e-bikes were imported into the UK in 2016, the majority of which fall into the leisure and commuting category. An electric bike takes the strain out of commuting, reducing time spent waiting in traffic and eliminating the feeling of arriving to work exhausted and out of breath.

Venture Further

As well as opening up new avenues for experienced cyclists, electric bikes offer an entry point to two-wheels for those who may have been previously deterred from taking up cycling. With assistance from a motor, particularly over hilly terrain, an electric bike can help riders reach new levels of fitness and achieve goals previously considered unattainable.

Electric bikes falling into the hybrid or leisure categories are great for days exploring bike paths, bridleways and country lanes. These types of e-bike are also great for getting around town, taking a trip to the shops and commuting. A leisure or hybrid e-bike typically comes with a rigid or low-travel suspension fork, the frame will sit the rider in a fairly upright, comfortable position and will be equipped with semi-slick or grippy, knobbled tyres.

Two ways to buy this January

Now is the time to set your stall out for the year and invest in a new set of wheels. Ditching the car and travelling by e-bike instead can save a fortune in the long-term. After the initial outlay, the electricity costs of an e-bike will be as low as £5 a year. Compare that to the running costs of a car (petrol, tax, insurance etc.) and it’s a wise investment and it’s better for your health and for the planet.

To help with the initial outlay this January we’re offering two ways to pay:

  • The Wheelbase Trade-In – Save up to £1000 on a new bike until January 13th with this promotion.
  • 0% finance with 0% deposit – Spread the cost over 36 months and pay nothing up-front.

The bikes

We’ve pulled together some of our most popular e-bikes for leisure riders and commuters and we have a huge range of bikes on display across our 3 stores in the North of England.

Cube Reaction Hybrid Pro 500

  • Powerful Bosch CX 500w motor.
  • Explore trails and bridleways with the wide, 2.6″ tyres.
  • Suntour suspension fork offers comfort over rough terrain.

Kalkhoff Endeavour Move Wave B9

  • Bosch Performance drive system with integrated downtube battery.
  • Sport and suitable for everyday cycling.
  • Powerful disc brakes.


Specialized Levo Hardtail 29 NB

  • For those looking to explore a little further.
  • Specialized 1.2E motor features instant pedal engagement for immediate power.
  • Fully-integrated battery and motor.