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Focus Paralane² e-Road Bike

Introducing the Paralane², the first Focus electric bike designed for the road.

The Focus Paralane² e-road bike is fast like a road bike and strong like an eBike. Falling into the endurance road and gravel road bike categories, the Paralane is a bike that can go just about anywhere and now with power assistance can go even further.

The PARALANE² is revolutionary, offering support when you need it, in a road bike that is under 13 kilograms. Fly up climbs, take it easy into headwinds, or spin lightly on the way home. With 250 watts of support, you’ll always have juice left for the last stretch and the power to overcome any of the old hurdles.

With e-bikes now very much established in the mountain bike and hybrid markets, bringing motor assistance to the road presents some slightly different challenges. The major obstacle being the added weight of a battery and motor system in a discipline where lightweight is such a defining factor. Focus worked closely with German start-up manufacturer Fazua (Bavarian slang for ‘go-on’) to develop a minimal, lightweight motor system that allowed the Paralane to retain its road bike look and feel. When compared with existing battery and motor systems on an e-mountain bike, the Fazua drive unit comes in at a remarkably measly 3.5 kg. The ability to completely remove the battery and motor and replace with an included cover gives users the option to ride the PARALANE² as a non-assisted, 10 kg road bike.

The Fazua system will provide motor assistance up to 25 km/h before disengaging, and due to its integrated freewheel system does not produce any drag as is the case with other e-bike systems, therefore riding just like any other road bike.

The PARALANE² 9.7 is now available to order online and to view in our Lake District store, 1 of only 3 models available in the UK and the only stock in the North! Other models will be available soon.