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Highland Trail 550

The Highland Trail 550 kicks off this Saturday with 62 riders taking on the 550 mile off-road course through the Scottish Highlands. One of our regular customers will be among the riders setting off from Tyndrum onto the remote trails.

With no entry fee, no prize money at stake and absolutely no support, the riders have to be completely self-motivated and self-sufficient. It’s a challenge not to be underestimated. Packed into the 550 miles is over 16,000 metres of elevation up and over some of the most challenging and scenic terrain in Scotland. The event was initially put together as a training ride for more famous US races such as the Tour Divide and Colorado Trail Race, but quickly became established in its own right as a truly epic challenge over a world class route in beautiful and remote surroundings.

You can follow the riders using the Dot Watcher site. Photos courtesy of Alan Goldsmith.

If the HTT550 sounds like something you’d be interested in taking part in why not test the waters of self-supported mountain biking and enter the South Lakes Jenn Ride this July. The Jenn Ride is similar in premise to the Highland Trail in that it is a challenging off-road bikepacking ride in stunning surroundings built around a great community spirit.