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UDOG Cycling Shoes


We’d like to introduce you to UDOG, our newest shoe brand here at Wheelbase! Why UDOG I hear you ask. Because this stylish Italian cycling shoe brand is not only new to Wheelbase it’s new to the world of cycling; put simply they’re the Underdogs, ready to steal victory and win the hearts of cyclists around the world, hence the name UDOG. Created by a team of passionate cyclists who set out to improve every ride, UDOG was born from a lifelong love of cycling in Vento, Italy, a region with an authentic connection to Italian fashion and cycling culture.

UDOG Tensione

New Italian brand UDOG is set to make waves in the world of cycling.


UDOG was founded by Alberto Fonte in 2021; this passionate, lifelong road cyclist can boast a pretty impressive background within the Italian cycling industry, having previously worked as Brand Manager at fi’zi:k and as Sales & Marketing Manager at Pinarello bikes and Kask helmets. An avid and competitive cyclist Alberto Fonte has a true love of the sport and all its cycling disciplines. After 15 years in the cycling industry Fonte teamed up with his friend and former business manager at fi’zi:k and Crankbrothers, Antonio Gerolimetto, to create this new and unique cycling brand – UDOG.

UDOG Tensione

UDOG may be a new name, but behind the scenes the brand is driven by individuals already well-established in the cycling industry.


In sport the Underdog expression references a competitor who is typically expected to lose but somehow comes through to steal victory and win the hearts of the fans. Underdogs know how to work hard. With a laser-focused drive to succeed any of us can achieve our goals in cycling and in life; the exciting new Italian brand UDOG symbolises this ethos.


UDOG cycling shoes mix the latest shoe technology with classic Italian styling.



UDOG shoes are born out of a lifelong passion for all forms of cycling.


Tensione Road Shoes

UDOG have released two new road cycling shoes as part of their brand launch. The Tensione features an interesting new design and construction concept which sees the shoe wrapping the rider’s foot from bottom to top for a superior fit, helping to improve comfort and increasing pedalling efficiency.


UDOG Tensione

The Tensione features a unique closure system.


The all-new UDOG Tensione has been painstakingly designed and developed by UDOG owner Alberto Fonte; influenced by Fonte’s wealth of performance footwear knowledge and expertise the Tensione is an extremely high-quality road cycling shoe that is not only brilliantly functional but can boast classic Italian styling too.

UDOG Tensione

This stripped-back road cycling shoe features classic, minimalist Italian styling.


The Tensione’s one piece upper is made from durable 3D tech mesh which is light, soft and breathable too; with comfort being the top priority within UDOG’s design brief the Tensione is shaped to provide a deep heel cup and a generous toe box. Keeping overall weight low this premium cycling shoe is intentionally minimalist, with all plastic and metal hardware eliminated to cut weight and reduce unwanted pressure points at the same time.

UDOG Tensione

Available in white or black colour options the Tensione is light and breathable.


The UDOG Tensione incorporates their patented dynamic system called the Tension Wrap System (TWS) which hugs the metatarsal area of your feet, from instep to bridge for an optimum fit. Constructed with durable TPU laminated straps which wrap the insole from one side of the shoe to the other the TWS system works in unison with UDOG’s hybrid lace-up configuration, giving 18 points of contact between the foot and soft shoe upper, securely holding your foot during each complete pedal stroke.

UDOG Tensione

The Tensione features UDOG’s unique Tension Wrap System (TWS) which hugs the metatarsal area of your feet.


So why use traditional lacing rather than ratchets or dials as their chosen closure system? UDOG explains that they opted for lace-ups for a number of reasons – laces create an even distribution of pressure across the top of the foot, they offer a more understated, classic-looking aesthetic and, most significantly, they are more comfortable and lighter.  Fonte’s experience tells him that traditional laces tend to loosen while pedalling; UDOG’s TWS system uses proprietary laces which are flatter in construction to help create a better, more secure knot for a dependable, secure closure that will stand up to even the longest endurance road rides.

UDOG Tensione

Years of industry experience told UDOG to use a lace-up closure system.


The UDOG Tensione features a super-stiff carbon-nylon outsole which includes a small ventilation channel for enhanced breathability in hotter conditions as well as integrated rubber heel and toe caps to help protect the outsole and help you walk when you’re off the bike. The UDOG’s outsole includes a large metatarsal platform to accommodate cleat engagement with generous amounts of adjustability engineered in, allowing you to fine tune the position of your cleats.

UDOG Tensione

The Tensione features some clever technical innovations packaged up into a stripped-back, classic-looking shoe.


UDOG Tensione Road Shoes RRP £130.00

Key Features:

  • Hybrid lace-up closure system
  • Tension Wrap System – TWS
  • Generous toe box & deep heel cup
  • Composite carbon-nylon outsole
  • Minimalist design – less material, less weight
  • Lightweight – 245g in size 42
  • 15 sizes from 38 to 46 full sizes, gender neutral
  • Colours – Pure Black or Arctic White


Cima Road Shoes

UDOG’s second shoe which has been released at the same time as the Tensione as part of the Italian brand’s launch is the great-looking Cima. So what’s the Cima’s unique selling point? It’s got to be that super-sophisticated upper featuring UDOG’s knit technology which helps to form an extremely lightweight, supportive, breathable but waterproof road cycling shoe.


UDOG have really utilised modern knit technology in the Cima’s upper.


The Cima’s upper features a seamless one-piece engineered knit construction, eliminating all plastic and metal components for a noticeably light shoe without any potential for pressure points on your foot. With minimal stitching the Cima includes small TPU layers in key areas to help increase support, enhance the effectiveness of the closure system and offers protection from the  elements.


The premium Cima road cycling shoe is super-light and stripped of all metals and plastics.


UDOG’s sophisticated knit technique featured in the Cima’s construction creates a super-soft sock-like material which adapts to any foot shape and every fit. Each portion of the shoe’s upper has a different technical knit pattern to help ensure that each area is as comfortable and form-fitting as possible. With every inch of the upper carefully considered in the design and construction process the CIMA uses a tight-knit construction in the medial arch area to provide dynamic support and a more breathable construction in the toe box.


The white colour option easily shows the sophisticated knit pattern involved in their construction.


Just like the Tensione, UDOG’s Cima road shoe features a lace-up closure system, tapping into some great performance benefits including the distribution of pressure being more even across the top of the foot for greater comfort and reduced overall weight. Then there’s the obvious aesthetic quality of the Cima; it’s a great looking shoe thanks to that simple, stripped-back construction and sophisticated Italian styling. With some traditional laces being prone to loosening UDOG have spent time sourcing special propriety laces which are flatter in construction to help create a better knot helping to ensure that fit stays constant and secure regardless of the duration of your ride. There’s three specific options for lacing patterns too thanks to the Cima’s unique upper eyelet construction allowing you to adapt the fit to your own foot shape.


UDOG really believe in using lace-up closure systems for a secure, comfortable fit.


The Cima features UDOG’s clever Pocket Tongue System (PTS), their clever way of storing the excess lace ends once tied. Combined with the upper’s elastic bridge the system provides an internal pocket for the knotted laces which then folds under the elastic bridge to form an integrated aero cover for a clean, dynamic look which also helps to eliminate the potential for laces getting caught in your bike’s drivetrain.


UDOG’s clever Pocket Tongue System (PTS) keeps lace loops neatly tucked away.


A good road cycling shoe is only as good as its outsole; to be efficient and able to transfer all of your pedalling input through your bike’s drivetrain your shoe’s outsole needs to be super-stiff. The UDOG Cima features a carbon composite outsole with a stiffness index of 11 to help you race hard and fast; it includes a cool directional ventilation channel to help stop your feet from overheating in warmer riding conditions and includes integrated rubber heel and toe caps for durability and to help you walk more easily when you’re off the bike. The UDOG’s Cima outsole also includes a large metatarsal platform to accommodate cleat engagement with generous amounts of adjustability engineered in, allowing you to fine tune the position of your cleats.

UDOG chose the Cima product name for good reason; the Italian word Cima translated into English means ‘summit’ or ‘mountain-top’. We think that’s rather fitting for a shoe that’s so light and simple. Super-stiff, comfortable, breathable and fast drying the all-new UDOG Cima is both brilliantly functional and super-stylish.


The Cima may look simple and somewhat traditional, but there’s plenty of tech behind this premium cycling shoe’s design.


UDOG Cima Road Shoes RRP £220.00

Key Features:

  • Knit technology – one-piece engineered knit
  • Pocket Tongue System – PTS
  • Generous toe box & deep heel cup
  • High carbon composite outsole – stiffness index 11
  • Minimalist design – less material, less weight
  • Lightweight – 240g in size 42
  • 15 sizes, from 38 to 46, full sizes, gender neutral


Written by Johnny Dodgin


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