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The Nuroad C:62 SLX is built to take you an an adventure further and fast than you have ever been before. It’s an incredibly lightweight and versatile carbon gravel bike with superior frame construction utilising Cube’s premium C:62® carbon fibre. It also has an impressive spec list, featuring  SRAM’s slick, precise Rival 1×12 AXS transmission, which serves up flawless wireless shifting. This is complimented by matching Rival hydraulic disc brakes give you the power you need to control your speed safely, laden or unladen. And Newmen Evolution gravel-specific wheels that bring rapid acceleration and unrivalled strength to the party.

Gravel roads are the highways of adventure, and the Nuroad C:62 is just the bike with which to explore them. Fast, light and comfortable thanks to its C:62® carbon construction and full carbon fork, it’s the ideal choice for long days in the saddle. Wherever you’re headed, its wide tyres and mudguard compatibility makes it the perfect travel companion.

The NuRoad C:62 features ‘Gravel Endurance Geometry’ for gravel epics or races into the back country and beyond. This Gravel Endurance Geometry has been developed for a ride position optimised for long days in the saddle with dimensions geared towards the perfect balance of agility and stability, it’s all you need for an off-road adventure that goes further and faster.


Sram’s slick, precise Rival 1×12 AXS transmission serves up flawless wireless shifting.

Matching Rival hydraulic disc brakes give you all the power and modulation you will ever need to control your speed safely, laden or unladen.

The Nuroad C:62 has plenty of tyre clearance allowing you fit fit up to 700mm x 45mm tyres, which mean that traction is maintained whilst braking with all the power generated by the SRAM hydraulic brakes. Lower tyre pressures are also attainable with larger volume tyre, ensuring comfort over the long haul.

All of the rider’s power is transferred to the drivetrain thanks to the light, stiff and strong SRAM Rival aluminium crank arms and their partnering, oversized DUB spindle. The 1x set up is super smooth, without the drag and inefficient compromised chainline of conventional 2x systems.

The Newmen Evolution gravel-specific wheels bring rapid acceleration and unrivalled strength to the party making long road sections and ascents a breeze.

With the internal cable routing of the NuRoad C:62 Cube have reduced clutter and maintenance by running cables through the frame, keeping them out of the way of dust and water contamination or damage from abrasion, as well as cleaning up the bike’s appearance.

The Easton Carbon gravel specific finishing kit is a welcome addition, reducing fatigue in the hands, wrists and shoulders by dampening high frequency vibrations all too familiar to gravel riders.

The ‘Advanced Twin Mold’ frame construction process used by Cube utilises two precisely manufactured forms for theC:62® NuRoad frames. The first form is to ensure an accurate layup. The second, inner form keeps every individual fibre precisely where it needs to be while the frame cures. The result is a significantly lighter, stronger frame, with fibre density tailored to anticipated loadings at specific points. Allowing Cube to also tailor the rider characteristics of each frame individually to it’s designated purpose.