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All-new Trek Madone GEN 8

Light as Émonda. Fast as Madone.

Worlds collide: Our fastest and lightest unite

Today, Trek released the all-new Madone Gen 8, a combination of its two iconic superbikes. Light as Émonda, fast as Madone, it truly is the best of both models — and the only road race bike you’ll ever need to reach your full potential.

The new Madone Gen 8 is the best of both world’s, no compromises, as a rider you no longer have to choose between fast or light and sprinting or climbing. With Madone Gen 8, those seeking speed get an even more aerodynamic ride, and riders focussed on ascending get an ultra-light bike that helps them climb faster than ever.

The Madone Gen 8 was designed with input from the world’s top racers to be the best in any riding scenario, whether that’s powering up alpine climbs or sprinting across the finish line in your local criterium. The New Madone Gen 8 is confidence inspiring in any scenario.

Light as Émonda

Madone Gen 8 is as light as the current Émonda SLR chassis and 320 grams lighter than the previous Madone platform, thanks to all-new 900 Series OCLV Carbon and radical new tube design. Plus, it climbs like a dream, so even those who previously chose the svelteness of the Émonda will be impressed by it’s ability to fight gravity.

Fast as Madone Gen 7

Madone Gen 8 is 77 sec/hr faster than Émonda and as fast as the previous Madone* with new Full System Foil aero shapes that redefine what fast looks like. Plus, new RSL Aero Bottles and Cages (included with Madone SLR) help make the whole rider system faster on any bike out there.

The best of both worlds

Taking the standout charectaristics of the Émonda and Madone Gen 7 and combining them in one bike, the Madone Gen 8 now replaces these two bikes, offering Émonda riders an even more aerodynamic ride, whilst Madone riders get an ultra-light bike that pushes them climb faster and more efficiently than ever.

Improved IsoFlow technology

The Madone Gen 8’s updated IsoFlow technology is even lighter too and 80% more vertically compliant than before, absorbing road chatter to help keep you riding stronger longer.

New lighter-weight and more ergonomic bar/stem

Madone SLR models put riders in the ultimate aero position with an updated Aero RSL Road Integrated Bar/Stem made with uber-light OCLV Carbon, ultra-fast aero shapes, and hoods that are 3cm narrower than the drops.

Full range of carbon price points 

The all-new Madone SL shares all the same revolutionary frame technology as the SLR model in a more affordable package utilising more economical 500 Series OCLV Carbon and two-piece handlebar/stem combos.

*As a whole rider system of bike, rider, and bottles/cages at 200Wh

Fly up climbs. Sprint across flats. Madone Gen 8 wasn’t made to do it all — it was made to win.

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