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BRAGE X BURGTEC | Penthouse MK5 B-Rage Edition

BRAGE X BURGTEC | Penthouse MK5 B-Rage Edition


Flat Pedals were the first product Burgtec ever made and 20 years later they are still loved by many all over the world. The B-rage pedal was born from the way Brage rides. Burgtec were pushed to think about how the classic Mk5 pedal could be fine tuned to give him everything he wanted.



Burgtec and Brage say that size and weight was unimportant, they weren’t looking at how those numbers stacked up. Strength, grip and longevity were the only points on the agenda and the result is the Burgtec Penthouse Mk5 B-Rage Edition.

Bigger & Burlier.



Width and Q Factor has stayed the same but the B-Rage Edition adds an extra 12mm of length front to back, allowing for a stomping 112mm x 102mm platform. The larger platform allows for more support on the biggest of hits.



Centre pins are also present on the B-Rage Edition Penthouse MK5, something Burgtec hasn’t done since the MK1 was released 20 years ago. They’ve added a pad with 3 extra pins for even more grip. The more force you put through the pedal the more grip you’re rewarded with.



Internally the pedal is configured in the exact same way as the MK5. So mud and water ingress are kept at bay while grease is kept in. Longevity is the cornerstone of all the products Burgtec make and the MK5 B-Rage Edition keeps that tradition alive so that service intervals don’t interrupt the send.


Weight: 513g (pair)

Platform Material: 7075 Alloy

Profile: 18mm

Platform: 112mm x 102mm

Dish: 3mm (concave)

Pin Material: Stainless Steel (11 per side)

Pin Width: 4mm

Pin Height: 5mm

Axle Material: EN24T Steel

Internals: 2 x Igus W300 bushes, single sealed bearing and inboard rubber oil seal

Colours: Burgtec Black, Race Red, Deep Blue, Purple Rain, Kash Bronze, Iron Bro Orange, Rhodium Silver, Burgtec Bullion, Toxic Barbie Pink

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