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Get the ‘Pro Treatment’ for your drivetrain with MUC OFF and gain a 50% reduction in power loss!

In a world where races are won and lost by milliseconds, marginal gains matter.

Here at Wheelbase, we now offer the full Muc Off Chain Optimisation process. Ready to take your drivetrain to the next level in terms of performance, efficiency and longevity.

Muc Off’s latest innovation brings pro-peloton power to your bike. In our workshop we now have Muc Off’s Ultrasonic Tanks, which are designed to clean and lube your chain, using the same technology and process as the best racers and teams on the planet, producing unbeatable performance gains.

It’s a common misconception that a new chain is going to be faster than a used one. This is rarely the case, especially if that used chain has been optimised.

So how does the process work and what’s to be gained in a Muc Off ‘optimised chain’?


The best grime killer in the business! The High-Performance Ultrasonic Chain Cleaner is a professional-strength cleaner that gives chains a deeper clean than ever before. It quickly breaks down the stickiest oils, grease and grime, giving your chain a complete refresh. It’s the first step in improving chain efficiency, by leaving a spotless, friction-free surface for your new Muc-Off lube to work its magic on – so your drivetrain works more efficiently, for longer!



For the lubrication process, you have two choices, The Ludicrous AF or Hydrodynamic lube. Both of which are gently heated to the precise temperature required to create the optimum viscosity for the lube to penetrate deep into all contact points within the chain links. The lubricants themselves contain organic friction modifiers, which with their polarised heads and non-polarised tails, attach themselves to either side of the base oil’s surface to form a low-friction shear plane. It’s this combination of formulation and application which reduces friction, increases the amount of watts making it through your drivetrain, and to your rear wheel. The result? More speed!


Tested and refined over the last three years by the industry’s leading experts, Ludicrous AF has been pro-peloton-approved for taking chain optimisation to an entirely new level. Thanks to the epic state-of-the-art R&D facility, Muc-Off  have created a true masterpiece – an ultra-low-friction, highly durable lube which allows you to go harder and faster for longer than ever before. The Ludicrous Lube is an ideal option for the road rider looking for that competitive advantage, not quite as durable as the Hydrodynamic Lube, but in dry conditions it offers improved performance.


The Hydrodynamic lube strikes the perfect balance between speed and durability, so you can go full gas for longer. Hand blended in the UK, it uses a synergistic blend of esters combined with aerospace-quality oil lubrication and ground-breaking extreme pressure additives, to create a high-strength, film-forming lubricant, that prevents metal-to-metal wear at peak performance, no matter how hard you’re pushing! The hydrodynamic lube is slightly more durable than the ludicrous lube, ideal for the wetter conditions we experience in the UK and perfect for the Mountain Biker looking for that edge on the competition.



Data is king when it comes to drivetrain optimisation. Muc Off worked with an elite triathlete of BMC Pro-Triathlon throughout the R&D process for their Ultrasonic Chain Optimisation, producing a chain that took them to the top step of the podium. They tested various chains within the same drivetrain, swapping out the existing chain for a new and Muc Off optimised one. The Muc Off  process delivered a 50% reduction in power loss, shown in the data below, which produced a 2nd place finish at an IRONMAN event.

The chain was returned to Muc Off for further optimisation (the same initial steps, just repeated). This time the co-efficient of friction was reduced by a further 10%, helping deliver victory their next IRONMAN. They even squeezed a further 5% out of the chain following that event! The compound effect of the optimisation process means the chain simply keeps getting faster each time the process is applied.


You may think that the pursuit of speed, comes at the expense of the environment. Not at Muc-Off.

All their products are developed with sustainability built in, so their High-Performance Ultrasonic Chain Cleaner is readily biodegradable, Ludicrous AF is made of 75% plant-based materials, and Hydrodynamic lube is petroleum-free! The Ultrasonic Tanks allow for the safe disposal of any liquids, so you can experience all the speed, without worrying about the environmental impact.

Also, ultrasonically deep cleaning and lubricating your drivetrain means expensive componentry will last longer, minimising waste and further reducing your environmental footprint.



£25 for the complete Hydrodynamic Lube process

£50 for the complete Ludicrous Lube process