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Shotgun Front Mounted MTB Seat Combo

Here at Wheelbase we’re massive fans of the Shotgun Kids Mountain Bike Seat, with plenty of our own staff using them with their young families. An alternative approach to the typical rear-mounted child seat the Shotgun places your child safely in front of you and turns their riding experience from a passive, ‘just-a-passenger’ feel to an active participant riding up front with the trail opening up in front of them. The days of your little one dozing off in a rear-mounted child seat are gone – the Shotgun means your child will be where the action is, facing down the trail, giggling and laughing at the feeling of exhilaration as you ride your favourite family bicycle loop.

Make a lasting impression for your little shredder – bike riding should be fun!…

Shotgun Front Mounted MTB Seat Combo

The Shotgun Kids Mountain Bike Seat has been designed for children aged 2-5 with a maximum weight of 22kg or 48lb. Up until recently the front-mounted bike seat, which has been remarkably popular with bike-mad families was sold separately to the additional mini handlebar, which was available to those parents looking to decrease the reach to the bars for their smallest child. Now for the first time Shotgun are selling their front-mounted seat, the mini handlebar and an additional front mudguard as one complete package, which we think is a great move as most of our customers felt it was a more child-friendly setup to have both components running on the their bikes.


Here’s the technical specs of the Shotgun mountain bike seat…


Shotgun Front Mounted MTB Seat Combo


The Shotgun Handlebars are packed full of child-friendly features…


Shotgun Front Mounted MTB Seat Combo


Learn more about the Shotgun Front Mounted MTB Seat on Shotgun’s YouTube Channel…. 

Shotgun Front Mounted MTB Seat Combo

With a fully adjustable saddle to let you fine tune the fit for your small child, quick installation and removal thanks to a handy quick release and secure moulded rubber padding to prevent paint damage to your dream mountain bike the Shotgun seat is a versatile and user-friendly piece of kit. Picture the scene – you’re at your local trail centre for the day, taking turns with your partner to shred your favourite red and black routes while the kids enjoy the playground. All back together again it’s time to quickly install the Shotguns and ride the blue trial as a family.

The Shotgun setup is bound to make mountain biking more fun for ALL of the family!..

Shotgun Front Mounted MTB Seat Combo

Available now at Wheelbase….

Shotgun Front Mounted MTB Seat Combo £148.98

Shotgun Kids MTB Seat £119.99

Shotgun Kids Handlebar £26.99