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Set your season on fire with Cannnondale Supersix Evo – Now available with 36 month 0% finance

The fourth-generation SuperSix EVO is all new, and yet it carries on a tradition of blowing the wheels off the competition – with an unheard-of blend of everything you want in a race bike to set your season on fire!

This is a climbing bike for the sprints. An aero bike for the mountains. It is the ultimate evolution of the modern race machine. The lightest of the fast. The fastest of the light. Now available with 36 months 0% APR finance.


SuperSix EVO Hi-Mod 2 blends stability and agility. Constructed with superlight high modulus carbon to make the bike incredibly light and responsive. 

It’s refined, neutral racing geometry and fine-tuned engineering deliver handling that is so intuitive, so controllable, you can comfortably take it right to the limit and keep it there, all race long.

The SuperSix EVO 2 destroys expectations. So light, so fast, and so aero, it defies logic. This is a machine built to make you faster everywhere. Speed has evolved.