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The all new Aspero is here… Welcome to the world of speed gravel!

Welcome to the world of speed gravel!

Cervelo may not have made the first gravel bike, but they definitely made the fastest gravel bike in 2019 with the introduction of the first Áspero, which took gravel riders across the world by storm, heralding a “new era of speed in gravel.” It was gravel, but Cervelo-style, taking all their knowledge of designing and manufacturing the fastest road bikes and applying that to the world of dust, dirt and fast adventures.

Since then, gravel bikes have grown, fragmented, and started to look a lot like the road and mountain bikes that spawned them, with suspension forks, bolt-ons for…everything, and ever-increasing tire widths. The new Áspero remains true to those early, simpler days of gravel, but with some improvements—a threaded BB shell, neater cable routing, and a UDH-compatible derailleur hanger for those who want to use SRAM’s Transmission drivetrains. But in true Cervelo style… IT’S FASTER!!

So how have they done this? To start with they shaved off three watts worth of frontal drag in the redesign process. Then they dropped the seat stays to give a bit more compliance out back, and reduced front-end stiffness slightly to make the last hours of a long race or the final miles of that epic adventure less painful and fatigue inducing . Between those dropped seatstays, Cervelo added in a bit more clearance for mud, too. It’s a lot of seemingly small improvements, but they add up to a lot. The result is a bike that feels a lot like the original Aspero, but is faster, more comfortable, and more versatile.


New Features

● Lowered standover height

● ST36 Semi-integrated front end – D-Shaped steerer

● Engineered compliance – Lower dropped seat stays for comfort

● Threaded T47-A bottom bracket

● Dropped both the chainstays for improved chainring clearance

● Slimmed downtube profile for compliance


Geometry built to race!

397mm reach – Greater stability in downhill conditions by moving center of gravity back from steering axis

72° head tube angle  – A steep head tube paired with a longer top tube and a shorter stem, results in reduced toe overlap and a more stable handling in technical terrain

425mm chainstays  – Increased chainstay length to improve stability and increase clearance for mud and chainrings. Longer wheelbase for improved mud clearance and chainring clearance


Design Highlights


Threaded T47-A bottom bracket

Asymmetrical threaded bottom bracket is easier to service and maintain for the home mechanic, whilst the oversized BB shell increases surface area, which improves structural stiffness and turns watts into KPH! The longer shell increases stiffness and stability high load cases, such as when turning.



Easiliy Adjustable Front End

Áspero shares the same bearing dimensions as R5, Soloist, R5-CX, and Caledonia, which means you can use any combination of bearing caps and stems. Want a super-racy, fully-

internal look? Grab the ST31 and HB13 from R5.



SRAM made everyone want to step on their derailleurs when they introduced the Transmission mountain bike drivetrains in 2023. It seems unnecessary, no matter who made your derailleur, but Áspero uses the Universal Derailleur Hanger (UDH) standard in case you want to try.

Trailmixer Dropout – Maximum Versatility

The new Aspero carries the same adjustable fork dropout as. the previous model with an adjustable ‘flip chip’ which can be set in either a rearward or forward setting to tweak handling characteristics to bias the steering towards faster handling or increased stability. The forward position offers decreased trail, which equates to faster handling;  best suited for 700c wheels.The rearward position offers increased trail which results in an increase in stability which, optimally suited for 650b.

In Conclusion

  • The new Áspero is a fast, versatile, and multi surface race bike
  • Updated slimmer profile
  • Increased tire, and chainring clearance
  • Clean integration for accessories
  • 650b wheel size compatible
  • Adjustable trail for consistent handling performance
  • Accessible price points

Model Range

Rival XPLR AXS 1 – £5,200

SRAM Rival XPLR AXS, 12 speed groups

Cervélo All-Carbon, Tapered Áspero Fork

Reserve Caron 44/40 Wheelset

Cervelo finishing kit with carbon bar

GRX RX820 – £4,400

Cervélo All-Carbon, Tapered Áspero Fork

Shimano GRX 820 12 Speed Groupset (48/31T Chainset)

Fulcrum Rapid Red 300, Wheelset

Cervelo finishing kit

Apex XPLR AXS 1 – £4,200

SRAM Apex XPLR AXS, 12 speed Groupset

Cervélo All-Carbon, Tapered Áspero Fork

Fulcrum Rapid Red 300 Wheelset

Cervelo finishing kit with carbon bar

Apex XPLR 1 – £3,100

Cervélo All-Carbon, Tapered Áspero Fork

SRAM Apex XPLR, 12 speed

Alex Rms Boondocks Wheelset

Zipp Service Course/Cervelo finishing kit

GRX RX610 – £3,100

Cervélo All-Carbon, Tapered Áspero Fork

Shimano GRX 610, 2x 12 speed Groupset (46/30T Chainset)

Alex Rms Boondocks Wheelset

Zipp Service Course/Cervelo finishing kit

GRX RX610 1 – £3,000

Cervélo All-Carbon, Tapered Áspero Fork

Shimano GRX 610, 1x 12 speed Groupset

Alex Rms Boondocks Wheelset

Zipp Service Course/Cervelo finishing kit