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Wheelbase Stockton-On-Tees


Wheelbase Stockton-On-Tees is ready to serve the Teesside cycling community with their brand new store now open in Stockton-on-Tees, a town with a great cycling infrastructure that includes extensive traffic-free cycle paths along the River Tees. With a 5 mile cycle link between Middlesbrough and Stockton-on-Tees commuting in and around Teesside couldn’t be easier or more affordable and with fuel costs increasing by the day there’s never been a better time to leave the car at home.

Wheelbase Stockton-On-Tees

Stockton-on-Tees is a town with a great cycling infrastructure as well as traffic-free links to Middlesbrough.


In 1825 Stockton witnessed an event which marked a new era in travel when George Stephenson’s Stockton & Darlington Railway ran the world’s very first passenger rail service connecting Stockton and Shildon; nearly 200 years later the rapid development of the modern e-Bike has helped to establish a similarly significant moment for travel, sparking a global cycling-revolution by allowing people to travel more efficiently while causing less impact to the environment.

Wheelbase Stockton-On-Tees

Eagle-eyed commuters may spot public art referencing George Stephenson’s historic Stockton & Darlington Railway.


The dedicated Wheelbase Stockton-On-Tees team are ready to equip you with everything you’ll need to travel around Stockton-on-Tees and beyond by e-bike; their range is huge with electric road, mountain, and leisure bikes from the leading e-bike brands. As well as e-Bikes Wheelbase have a large and diverse range of premium bikes with over 200 bikes on the shop floor including mountain bikes, road bikes, gravel and adventure bikes, leisure, commute and family bikes from brands including Cube, Nukeproof, Mondraker, BMC, Focus, Genesis and Frog.

There’s more than 200 bikes in stock at Wheelbase Stockton.


Wheelbase Stockton-On-Tees

Wheelbase Stockton-On-Tees have a huge range of mountain bikes, road bikes, gravel and adventure bikes, leisure, commute and family bikes.


As well as providing expert sales advice and guidance for all disciplines of cycling Wheelbase Stockton-On-Tees will support you with the maintenance of your bicycle; whether it’s a simple puncture repair or a full bike service including suspension tuning and hydraulic brake bleeding we’ll be able to help you in our state-of-the-art Park Tool equipped workshop. Staffed by our Workshop Manager and a team of fully-qualified Wheelbase technicians the Wheelbase Stockton workshop will operate seven days a week. Our number one priority is customer service and we want to get you back on two wheels as swiftly and efficiently as possible; all jobs are pre-quoted before work commences and on collection we’ll talk you through all the work undertaken. We pride ourselves on our friendly service and are ready to help you get the most out of your cycling.

Wheelbase Stockton-On-Tees

Wheelbase Stockton-On-Tees is ready to offer technical help from their state-of-the-art Park Tool equipped workshop.


Wheelbase Stockton is part of an exciting new shopping experience within the Stockton-on-Tees Go Outdoors Mega Store; the Wheelbase ‘shop within a shop’ sits alongside other specialist retailers, each with their own dedicated retail space. Stockton-on-Tees Go Outdoors customers will also be able to shop for the very best walking, camping, fishing, climbing and equestrian equipment all under one roof. Investing in a new bike can be life changing; with regular riding you can build up fitness and improve mental well-being; Wheelbase pride themselves on being inclusive retailers who are ready to help EVERYONE get into cycling.

Wheelbase Stockton-On-Tees

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Written by Johnny Dodgin

Photos by James Vincent

(Shop Interior Photos by Wheelbase)


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