Electric Bikes, Preston

Electric Bikes for Sale in Preston: Mountain Bike, Road Bike and Push BikesElectric Bikes, Preston – have you got yours? 

With electric bikes a surging trend throughout the UK, and with our lives becoming busier and more demanding than ever before – why not get from A to B faster and stress-free? 

That’s what e-bikes can ultimately offer — the opportunity for cyclists to go further, faster. 

Suitable for: 

  • Experienced riders 
  • Novices to the cycling game 
  • Those who ride for leisure 
  • Commuters 
  • Kids 
  • And so much more! 

Due to their popularity, you’ll find a range, and a wide one at that, of e-bikes on the market. Available in a wide variety of different frames, colours, tyre thicknesses, etc. – we can assure you that there is definitely a bike to suit all requirements. 

Definition of an electric push bike 

Electric bikes are ultimately a motor-assisted ride, i.e., they provide power-assisted pedaling to help boost your natural pedal power. 

An e-bikes frame is where you will find housed an electric motor with rechargeable batteries. Designed to support you when you want to ride further, keep your adventure going, or take on bigger and tougher challenges. 

Electric bikes enable you to experience extreme road cycling or trail riding, all keeping at a pace that you’re comfortable with. 

With the UK’s largest online cycle store available to provide you with expert advice, free delivery, 0% finance, and much more, there’s no reason why you can’t browse, right? 

Why choose an electric bike? 

  • You now have the option to cycle further and challenge yourself on rougher terrain without the worry that you won’t be able to make it or indeed keep up with the pace. 
  • You can keep up with larger cycle groups. As more young people take up cycling, we can often begin to feel the strain of “keeping up” with e-bikes, let the power-assisted motor provide you with the additional support to help you achieve this. 
  • You can get places faster. This can be important if you’re thinking about cycling to work. Shaving minutes off your time, as well as not appearing at the office completely sweaty, all could be a very positive outcome. 
  • You can still cycle even with extra cargo and weight! Due to the additional support provided by the motor, your legs don’t have to take the brunt of the cycling with a heavier load. 
  • If you’re recovering from injury or illness, e-bikes are great at helping to ease you back into exercise. Using the power-assisted pedalling to support you and having the option to push yourself further when you feel comfortable enough doing so. 
  • You can improve your health and fitness, building your stamina up over time and working at achieving your fitness goals. 

Electric Bicycles for sale 

There are a variety of bikes available within the e-bike ranges; these can include: 

Hybrid Electric Bikes 

One of the most popular and commonly known types of e-bikes due to the comfort and simplicity these bikes offer riders. 

Designed to handle rough and uneven road surfaces, these bikes are also suitable for some park trails too. 

Due to the high comfort levels and handling over rough terrain, you will find these bikes to be heavier than the electric road bikes (which are designed to be much more lightweight as speed is of the essence here). 

However, with robust components, sturdy frames, and flat handlebars for a smoother ride, these bikes are ideal if you’re looking for an urban adventure ride. 

Thinking about a hybrid e-bike? Why not think about: 

  • Women’s electric bike – Cube Access Hybrid EX 500 – designed to offer more versatility, better handling, and an all-around easier to live with e-MTB. This bike lets you be in complete control, always. 
  • Kalkhoff Entice 5.B Tour Trapeze – ideal for everyday trekking, the Kalkhoff Entice is the latest in the Entice range and has an exclusive handlebar stem unit with integrated cables, a stable pannier rack, and mudguards, ready for any adventure. 
  • Specialised Vado 4 – this is the ultimate city bike, helping you cycle around Preston faster than ever before with a power charge that won’t let you down. 

Electric Road Bikes 

Electric Road bikes are performancedriven. Designed for speed and to keep the pace no matter how far you have cycled. Their innovative design keeps weight low, supports dropped handlebars, and is an all-around much lighter bike to handle and ride. 

You also have the option to ride without assistance until you choose, saving your power assist until you need it most. 

These bikes are perfect for club riders who want to continue keeping up the pace and the distance. 

Electric road bikes do have a cut-off point, and this is when a speed of 25kph has been reached. 

Thinking about an Electric Road Bike? Why not check out: 

  • Focus Paralane2 9.6 GC – on hand to provide you with the extra push when you need it most. Important to note about this bike is that the e-drive can be removed entirely and replaced with a light coverage if you opt to go for the whole ride with no support.  
  • Cube Agree Hybrid C:62 SL – a quiet revolution in road riding. This bike offers the elegance and simplicity of a classic road bike, mixed with the versatility and adaptability of an advanced pedal-assisted driving system. A bike that will undoubtedly redefine your expectations. 
  • Focus Paralane2 9.8 – a revolutionary design with improved comfort, floating axle, mudguards for clever installation, and much more. This bike is agile and light, pioneering road boost standards. 

Electric Mountain Bikes 

These bikes are designed to keep the fun of cycling alive! Supporting riders to reach the top of those hills faster and easier, not afraid to take on more advanced trails, exciting and daring adventure tracks, and more. 

Electric mountain bikes can support adrenaline junkie riders to travel further, go faster, and explore more of the mountains! 

Thinking of an electric mountain bike? Check out: 

  • Merida eOne Forty 9000 – with easy charging, a rattle-free frame clamping down on battery noises, etc., and with wheel sizes that provide better rollover performance as well as a more agile and playful character to the bike – the Merida is a big contender within this category. 
  • Trek Rail 7 – smaller, lighter, and more efficient; this bike feels a lot more natural when you’re pedalling. The overall system looks great, and it is simple to use and operate. 
  • Specialised Turbo Levo – one of the most advanced eMTB frames, motor and battery technologies around, the Turbo Levo offers the smoothest and most powerful motor on the market. 

Electric Bikes, Preston 

If you’re looking into electric bikes and you think they might be the perfect solution for you, make sure to call the bike specialists at Wheelbase.  

With the largest selection of bikes to choose from, we’re 100% confident we have something to suit you.